I was way to tired to post yesterday or Thursday. I literally fell asleep while writing this post last night!! So if I fall asleep..this stuff must put y’all to sleep FAST! #thoughtprovokingINFO. It’s amazing how fast a day will go!

I am very sore from Wednesday’s WOD…

Seriously Jack??? I just MET you and I don’t LIKE you!!! Jack WOD!! Get it…? Jack WAD…..you know…a play on words?? I’m hear all day….

I did the box jumps and after finishing 9 rounds, I decided to go for a run. GREAT BAD idea! Apparently explosive CF movements (box jumps, DUs) and running for ME bring on ——–> SHIN SPLINTS! Those little bastards are trying to make a comeback! I ran last weekend…no problem. Ran a little earlier in the week…no problem. Did some darn box jumps and wanted to get a little run on….BIG problem. I am going to nip this QUICKLY. I’m not going into a rest period for another month!! I’ll go crazy!! I’m WATCHING you, Shins!! #it’sON

Thursday’s WOD was Stations….

I like the upper body strength training…miss it! I ran a mile and shins felt pretty good. I will rest today and try again tomorrow for a quickie run. Julian and I will do another 5k next weekend, so hopefully the shins won’t be a problem. Fingers crossed, peeps!

Any plans this weekend?
Why yes…yes I do! I’m taking my Dad to a local vodka distillery and we have a tour and a tasting! I’ll keep you posted!
And you thought that was only for wine! Hmpf…..

Have a great weekend!!!

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