You betta WORK!!!

In my BEST RuPaul voice…YOU BETTA WORK!!!. I figured it is time for me to start balancing my CrossFit with other exercises. I had a nice conversation with myself. I said “self…..where do you want to go from here??” I have many goals in regards to my fitness…maybe some realistic and maybe some unrealistic. I’m still trying to figure it all out. I am already back to running (Thank GOD) and I’m eyeing a sprint triathlon in June.
Trying to balance it all…work, parenting, being a decent spouse, is very challenging. But “Put me in Coach!!”…I up for the challenge!!

I asked one of our lovely trainers about incorporating some more strength training, maybe alternating some WODs with some traditional strength training. I need to continue to work on my cardio for endurance- for running, for CrossFit and for triathlons. This is what she came up with…

20140421-224147.jpgohhhhh, you want to get better shape, huh? You want to be stronger, eh?
Beware of what you ask for, Angie!!
Oh…and there was a strength WOD of front squats!!!

20140422-071717.jpgSQUATS????? wahhhhhhhhh!!
Again…be careful what you ask for,ANGIE!!!

It’s all good…it’s going to help me get to my goal…to be the best ME I’m setting our to be!!! I set goals for 2014 and I need to get moving!!!

How are you with your goals?
Have you had to have a “come to self ” moment yet??

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