I missed not having WILT last week. Call that “piss poor planning” on my part! I looked up…and it’s Tuesday AGAIN!!

1. Cane Vodka
In case you missed my post about my vodka tasting over the weekend, I was able to go to a tasting with my dad. We share many things and the love of vodka is definitely one of them. It was really the first time I have experienced true flavored vodka. We walked away with two bottles….

20140422-200206.jpgKey West Lemon and Lime

20140422-200310.jpgOrlando Orange

All made with home grown Florida produce. Check out my post “Shaken….not Stirred” for more info!

What girl can say enough about BOGOs?? For those that have been under a rock…BOGO = Buy One, Get One. It could be one is free or half off. Who cares really??? It’s a deal! I started couponing (NOT extreme) about 8 months ago. And the rush you feel when you have a BOGO and a coupon…WHAT????

20140422-204247.jpgFeels GOOD! BOGOs are everywhere…clothing stores, grocery shoes….! Try ’em.. You’ll see!!!😉
SN: I got a BOGO on Cane vodka. Bought one and got the other half off! 30 bucks for 2 bottles!

3. Pinterest
Do I really need to tell you and explain my LOVE for this site? I know EVERYONE is on this fun,crafty site. I love that I can look up “Fitness Funnies” and find things all kinds of smart ass things about fitness…

20140422-205006.jpgSums up MY relationship with CrossFit!!

20140422-205127.jpgMy sister thinks I’m CRAZY because I’m always talking about my weight. Easy for her because she’s skinny…and 20 pounds lighter than I am…and she 35 weeks pregnant with her 4th child!!😫😝😭😢

I can find crafts, decorating tips, recipes,…WHATEVER!

20140422-205601.jpgCome follow my boards….and see what I pin
Let me know if you have Pinterest too!!

4. Easter Candy
Specifically THESE babies

20140422-210125.jpgGoetze’s Caramel Creme

I can seriously eat a whole BAG of these. It’s caramel with a creme center. It gets a double OMG! It is so simple and yet so good! They can be found any time of year but I really wanted to have them. Why you ask?? Because they were STARING at me and SCREAMING for me to take them home….when I was standing in line! 😃 #nuffSAID

5. Southern Living magazine
I secretly wish I was a real Southern gal. I mean I live in the the south (Florida to be exact) but I don’t LIVE in the south! Trust me when I say…it ain’t the same!

If you haven’t had the pleasure and you are the least bit curious…this is your magazine. What’s inside? Home ideas, recipes, travel, gardening tips..and everything Southern. I’m in heaven…! Ever since watching “North and South” mini-series, I’ve wanted to be from the south! “Orrie…take (to) NAWLINS….”. You don’t get the magazine? Check them put on Instagram,Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

That was a quickie WILT, but hopefully chock full of stuff you like and find interesting!
Can’t wait to see what I come up with next week!

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