Strength, I tell ya…..

Yesterday was a relatively “easy” day at the gym. Since I’ve asked to help with building more strength, some the traditional WODs aren’t on my list of “To Do”….

Warm up
4 rounds
8 should’ve press 45#
8 front squats 45#
8 push ups


I’ve decided to keep AWAY from explosive movements like box jumps and DUs. Those movements are killing that spot on my shins! So, I felt like I was in an old school Step aerobics class with my “box jumps” in this WOD.
Remember when Step was the s**t???

20140424-190610.jpgYou know back in the day you stepped on your Reebok platform with fresh Reebok shoes….

20140424-191414.jpgAbsolutely just aged myself! #old

But despite my efforts, I think they are on their way back! I.AM.PISSED!!!!!
I have plans….runs with Julian, some triathlons this season…how come this is happening again???
I have a 5k with Julian on Saturday. Do I still do it? Or do I rest AGAIN? I’m just torn between what to do!!

What would you do if you were me?
I’m afraid they will never go away and I’ll be stuck without being able to run!

3 thoughts on “Strength, I tell ya…..

  1. Jane Told Me says:

    I ran my first 10k two weeks ago – my knees are not great and I paid the price. I went right back to Xfit the next day and all week. So, this week I had to take off from exercise. SO HARD TO DO! But, I am ready to go back. My knees will always be an issue but I will learn to work around it. If you want to run . . . run. If you experience pain walk instead. At the end of the day you want to be able to walk at the end of the day 🙂


    • amal7072 says:

      Thanks! It’s just SO frustrating because I thought I was all done with this!! I have my eye on an 8k in like 2 weeks! I’m struggling…do I rest til then?? Do I run/walk? Ugh!!!!


      • Jane Told Me says:

        we all must listen to our own bodies. What I would do is different than what you would do. Resting tip then will hurt you more. Light jogs and runs and if you have to walk do it. Best of luck, I believe you will do great 🙂


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