Oh how I HATE thee….

….let me count the ways!
I want to take a saw and cut my shins off!! Can you believe this nonsense!! Let’s run through it…

1. I have new shoes
2. I have new inserts
3. I have KT Tape
4. I have calf sleeves (highly recommended at my local running store)
I still couldn’t get through my run today! I got through 1 mile and had to stop because of pain. I never knew how deeply I could be pissed until today! I rested a whole month….a MONTH! This is what I get???

All I did was some box jumps at CrossFit some time in the last two weeks….and they have come back! I said before no explosive moves fore, but it’s official…I’m done! I’m not willing to risk other goals of mine for box jumps or DUs.

So…of I go back to the bench and rest until otherwise advised. (The great thing about being a PA…I can make my own decisions regarding my rest time and when I can go back.😉)

This is what I’ll be staring at for a while, but I don’t plan on being here forever….

20140426-132348.jpgi just want to CRY because I’m so frustrated!!😢

It’s hard to keep this in mind…

20140426-132809.jpgbecause my next race (ie next week) will be a walk! (And my vanity is SCREAMING right now!!)
I’m going to focus on the fact that I CAN walk and WILL run again, unlike some other misfortune people out there!

Has there been a goal that you can’t /won’t reach because of injury?

2 thoughts on “Oh how I HATE thee….

  1. stretchingittotravel says:

    Been there! I struggled most of last year with shin issues. Compression socks have been a god-send. IF I don’t wear them to run I put them on immediately when I get home and wear them for a couple of hours. That is the only way I can not be almost in tears later. Good luck!!!!


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