Wimpy, wimpy, WIM-py…..

Yesterday was a good workout but I felt kind of wimpy because I didn’t do DUs. Stinking shins…..

I used the KT Tape but remember it started coming off when I started sweating. SN: folks….it doesn’t take that long for THAT to happen!!!!.

Shins felt so-so….

I came home pissed off at the idea of not being able to run for awhile…AGAIN!!!!

But you know what got my mind off of it??? HUBBY!! No…not THAT way…..! THIS way…

20140425-193228.jpgMy hubby is the BEST chef I know! (No…seriously..he used to be a chef!) He can whip up anything I want, ANYTIME! This Cubanese* dish consisted of stir fried filet mignon with fresh English peas, onions, and snow peas, over a (small) bed of rice. Oh…and some of those Chinese crispy rice noodles to add a little crunch! Don’t forget a (small) glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to finish the dish. 🍷

TRIPLE OMG in my book!!!

SN: This is what we call “CUBANese, instead of JAPANese, because Miguel is Cuban- American and this is a Japanese inspired meal.
You like that??? That’s a Miguel ORIGINAL! He’s that guy…making up words that CRACK me up!! Another smart a** in the HOUSE!!

I’m INCREDIBLY lucky and BLESSED to have a hubby that cooks for me…ALL the time! (No…seriously….I don’t cook. Not unless you consider microwaving cooking!). I felt better after this meal. It was comfort food that comforted my achy shins. 😃
I will blog more on “Mig’s Meals” as they come. It will be great and you’re going to want to come over!!! 😉

I sit here mentally preparing for the 5k tomorrow with Julian. Keep you posted on how “they” held up!

20140425-195131.jpg My new compression for shins. PLEASE God, let his work!!!!#prayers

What are your weekend plans?
Any workout plans?

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