Shaken….not Stirred!!🍸

I was over the MOON when I saw a Groupon for a vodka tasting. As a matter of fact, I think every FB friend I have AND my mother sent me the Groupon link! You think they know me or something?

Who knew that in Florida we make vodka? I sure as hell didn’t…
I jumped right on IT! For $19, I was able to get a tasting for two and half price on a bottle of vodka.

The only person that enjoys vodka in my family, as much as I do, is my dad. Where do you think I learned it from?😃


We went to the Florida Cane Vodka Distillery, right here in Brandon, FL (right outside of Tampa). Again…who KNEW??

Their Premium vodka is made from home grown sugar cane. Bonus?? For those of you that like vodka with a taste, they make FLAVORED vodka (not infused, I was informed, like some of the others). You have many options to pick from:

Okeechobee Cherry
Plant City Strawberry
Buccaneer Blueberry
Key West Lemon and Lime
Orlando Orange
Weeki Wachee Watermelon
Miami Mango
Beach Bum Berry
Gator Grape

…just to name a few. It’s flavored because the fruit is used during the distilling process, unlike the process that is used for the INFUSED vodka. I don’t drink flavored vodka….I like mine on the rocks with 2 lime slices.
But that’s just me…..

One of the owners was our “cruise” director on the SS Cane Vodka. “Julie” (HIS name was really Pat…but I like the while cruise director theme…so I went with it!) walked us through the distillation process. Did you know in order for this to be vodka, it has to be OVER 190 proof? That’s not what it SOLD as, but that’s what it has to be prior to the mix with water. WHOA!!


How do you TASTE vodka, you ask? I’d be glad to tell ya….

1. It should be CHILLED in the freezer and taken out about 45 minutes before serving.
2. Once poured, it should be held up to the light to view . It should have a jewel like appearance in the light.
3. You should smell it prior to tasting it. Vodka can made of corn,potatoes, or sugar cane (didn’t know that….). Cane vodka has a sweet smell.
4. When you taste, you are looking for how it hits your tongue and how it rolls over the tongue or “bead”. This vodka had a “loose” bead meaning it rolled over the entire tongue. (Didn’t know that either…)

We first tried the Premium Vodka.

Since I like mine without mixers, I enjoyed it. It would go great with those two lime slices!!

Key West Lemon and Lime was on deck (or bar) next.

This had a little sweetness to it with the lime taste! #OMG. This is PERFECT just by itself but I can see how it will work well with a mixer. SN: this company is a proud sponsor of the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team. They created a drink called the “Lightning Bolt” with the Key Lime vodka.

Then….Fire Ant Vodka. This is just what the name says…FIRE!!! It is jalepeño flavored and it’s probably best used for Bloody Mary’s. It was like eating the SUN!! OMG!

Yep…the SUN!!!

Orlando Orange was a nice treat. Part of the rhine is used during the distilling and it give the vodka a cloudy appearance ….

20140420-210140.jpg…and extra orange-y taste.

Lastly, we had a lovely conoction called a “Moscow Mule“. It was new to me, so I couldn’t wait to see what was on stores. It’s made of vodka (duh,Angie!), ginger beer, and lime juice. We had Cane vodka’s version, except with Okeehobee Cherry flavored vodka.

This was a surprise to me because I’m not much of a mixed drink person. I can see his being used a lot during the summer…on the beach or by the pool. #trouble
SN: Did you know that vodka was a relatively unknown spirit in the US? It wasn’t until 1964, with help of James Bond in “Dr. No” that we become familiar friends. Smirnoff was used in his famous “shaken not stirred” vodka martini. Bond….James Bond helped us add a new spirit in our liquor cabinet.
I OWE you, Bond!

Dad and I walked away with a deal! My Groupon allowed for half price on one bottle of vodka. We couldn’t decide on just one, so we walked with two – KW Lemon and Lime and Orlando Orange- for $30! NICE!!!



What a fun idea!! Even if you aren’t a vodka drinker, I think you would enjoy learning about and tasting vodka. Cane Vodka is available (right now in FL) at most Total Wine stores and ABC Liquor stores in the Tampa Bay Area.

Oh…Miguel made up a drink this evening. He used V8 Splash Fruit Medley blend, Key West vodka, and fresh lemon juice.

20140420-212137.jpgYUMMMMMM-Y!!!! I’m looking for a name, so any suggestions will be taken!

This was an EXTREMELY long post but I didn’t want to leave anything out! I had such a good time and I hope that you learned some new things about this great spirit. Cheers and…..
до свидания
do svidaniya

(Good bye in Russian)

20140420-215837.jpgDad and I…the VODKA lovers!

Thanks for reading!
Do you think you’d ever do something like this?


I was way to tired to post yesterday or Thursday. I literally fell asleep while writing this post last night!! So if I fall asleep..this stuff must put y’all to sleep FAST! #thoughtprovokingINFO. It’s amazing how fast a day will go!

I am very sore from Wednesday’s WOD…

Seriously Jack??? I just MET you and I don’t LIKE you!!! Jack WOD!! Get it…? Jack WAD… know…a play on words?? I’m hear all day….

I did the box jumps and after finishing 9 rounds, I decided to go for a run. GREAT BAD idea! Apparently explosive CF movements (box jumps, DUs) and running for ME bring on ——–> SHIN SPLINTS! Those little bastards are trying to make a comeback! I ran last weekend…no problem. Ran a little earlier in the week…no problem. Did some darn box jumps and wanted to get a little run on….BIG problem. I am going to nip this QUICKLY. I’m not going into a rest period for another month!! I’ll go crazy!! I’m WATCHING you, Shins!! #it’sON

Thursday’s WOD was Stations….

I like the upper body strength training…miss it! I ran a mile and shins felt pretty good. I will rest today and try again tomorrow for a quickie run. Julian and I will do another 5k next weekend, so hopefully the shins won’t be a problem. Fingers crossed, peeps!

Any plans this weekend?
Why yes…yes I do! I’m taking my Dad to a local vodka distillery and we have a tour and a tasting! I’ll keep you posted!
And you thought that was only for wine! Hmpf…..

Have a great weekend!!!

“Ok….that came outta NOWHERE!”

….is what I thought after the WOD on Monday. The competition team had an event this past weekend, so I SWEAR the trainers made this WOD for Monday to punish those of is that didn’t compete! 😉

Umm…HOLY CRAP, Batman!
You all know that legs are NOT my strong point…so 80 front rack lunges don’t get me all excited! And the soreness….man, is that gonna remind me of what I did!

Don’tcha just LOVE his LOVE-HATE relationship I have with CrossFit? The more I complain…the more I want to do! #weirdo
Can’t WAIT to see what Wednesday holds for me….

SN: I TOTALLY fell asleep last night writing this this is why it’s here Tuesday. Which means…WILT will have to wait til next WILT. #boo #slacker

Hope you all had a GREAT Tuesday!!

Weekend FLY by….

Whew….that was FAST!!! I guess it didn’t help matters that I was a complete slug most of Saturday!
The earlier part of the day started off well. Julian and I ran a 5k. It was his first and my first after a month long, self imposed break. (Remember my “shin-y, shin, shins???)

O’dark thirty race start

The race was through Legoland (FL) which is nice! You feel like you are on a private tour… A behind the scenes, if you may. If I had been really into Lego’s…I’d be in HEAVEN!


I was VERY excited for this race. One- because it was Julian’s first race and first race with ME! Two-my shins had been appropriately rested (for a MONTH!!) and I was ready! Julian was running with a new friend of his (my friend’s son who is an amazing runner…at 10!!!) and I was behind him. I didn’t expect anything from this race because I’ve been away for a while. I didn’t see Julian the entire race because he was off and running! I maintained between a 9:15 and 9:30 pace…not GREAT but not bad considering my lack of running.
It was a nice,relatively easy course. A few windy roads, minor hills, and some cut corners made the race interesting.

I looked at my Garmin at the 3 mile marker and it read 25 minute and change (I don’t remember the seconds!)…and I begin thinking that I’m going to crush this race! Before I know it, I’m crossing the finish and see Julian! I was BEAMING!!! He did the whole race, without me, and finished before me!!

I take another look my Garmin to see a great time…for 2.73 mile race!! Wait a second…this is a 5k! You know…3.1 miles?? Well, apparently during the course, someone forgot to direct some of us around another loop, which would have given us the the rest of the deficient mileage. So…I guess… PR for EVERYONE, since this WAS an advertised 5k, right??!!??

Julian and I post race.

He’s been bitten by the bug because he is ready for another one in May. WHO and WHAT have I created??!! 😉
It’s kind of neat knowing that I may have a running buddy….
What sucks is the double ADULT entry fees because he’s 13 now! Damn….!

He’s worth it…..

…Even with his GOOFY smile!!

Have a great week!!!

Did you know…..?

….I saw it on FB, and maybe it isn’t true, but it’s National Siblings Day. What a great day to celebrate your brother(s) or sister(s).
I am lucky to have one sister, Mo. She is a mother of 3 (soon to be 4) children, a wife, and an attorney living in Haymarket, Virginia (Home of the Battle of Bull Run, for you war buffs). She truly is an amazing person!

Our “tbt” picture circa 1984-ish.

We’ve come a LONG way from there…

Turkey Day 2013…HER house because SHE cooks…and I DON’T!! 😉

Mo and I have grown into relationship that I am glad to call a friendship. She is the person that I would call to vent, to share good news, to bounce one (of many) of my wacky ideas to. (SN: she thinks I’m CRAZY!!). I’m just sad that we don’t live closer. We see each other about 3-4 times per year. We are lucky that our children have a great relationship, as well. #cousins

Whether real or not, I hope that this day reminds you of the relationship that you have with your sibling(s).
They are the first friends you ever make and you are blessed to call them FAMILY! ❤️


I can’t BELIEVE another Tuesday is here! It’s incredible how fast everything goes…when you’re OLD! 😉

1. Greek Yogurt
I can’t say enough about this!! I ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Greek yogurt. I am not a “name brand” junkie when it comes to which one I prefer. Some brands have one flavor that I like over another. For example…
Chobani has an Apple and Cinammon flavor that taste JUST like apple pie!

Dannon’s Oikos Cappuccino flavor is great when I want some coffee…but don’t want some coffee, you know?


Both have great blueberry and strawberry flavor, so I have not real preference because I love ’em both!!
I tried a new brand (to ME any way)…Stonyfield Organic Yogurt

It was in sale this week at Publix, so I’m ON it!! (I can’t pass up a good sale). I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to feel about organic yogurt. I am probably the only person left in America that really has NO clue or concept of organic foods. I know it’s food for you, but what am I looking for? What am I looking for in taste? What can I expect to pay for this? All those inquiries aside, it was good! I’ve only tried blueberry, which is my all time FAVORITE flavor!! If you haven’t tried…PLEASE do!

2. Home T
This company designs t-shirts with your home state on it.

Cute, huh? What’s great about it?? A portion of the proceeds go to MS research. I ordered a Florida shirt….can’t WAIT!!! Proud to show my HOME state!

3. Insoles
Since I needed some arch support in my running shoes, I went to the running store and founds these beauties!

They are so comfortable and they literally feel like I’m running on air. They will make their OFFICIAL debut this Saturday. I’ve tried them out a little (in my house!) but I can’t wait to take them on a run!

Thanks for another trip down WILT lane. Hope you’ve enjoyed the trip.
I’m always open to suggestions, so if you see something you like (or hate), let me know!

Thanks for always reading!!

PS…T- minus 3 days til 5k!! YES!!!

Decisions, Decisions….😁

I came to a decision to not do the competition in June. It was a hard decision because part of me WANTED to do it , but another part wanted to focus on some other things. For example- my running, my triathlons…
I’ve only done two CrossFit comps, so I wouldn’t exactly consider myself “seasoned” but maybe I want something else now. Maybe I can sit this one out and pick up some other time.
I also want to get some strength training, in lieu of some WODs. Legs are my true weakness. You know how you have a weakness, you are some what “married” to it?? You can’t RUN from it, you can’t HIDE from it….
So, I’ve decided to get cracking in a leg strength program WITH CF WODs. Keep you posted…..

Summer is coming and I want to get some triathlons and runs on the books.

Ok…I’ve confessed enough….on with today’s work.


…and the other part you couldn’t see…

WHEW!! #respectthe8min

Sitting here, writing a post and watching the NCAA Championship game. University of Kentucky vs. University of Connecticut…and right now…UConn is KILLING UK!! I’m “cheering” for UK (and I use that term LIGHTLY) because they are the same conference as UF. So, I cheer within the conference as they take on a non conference team. #SEC

What did you do today?
Are you watching the game?


Surprised Saturday

….and NOT in a good way!! I’m sad to report that my BELOVED Gators lost to UConn 63-53. #heartbroken💔

And in ALL kinds of weather…we Gators stick TOGETHER!!
They had a great season and a great tournament run, but the outcome wasn’t what any of us expected. This truly was MARCH MADNESS!!
Still LOVE my Gators!!

Today…I literally had NO time to squeeze in any type of workout for myself. My youngest, Aidan, went to a tennis clinic. I have secretly hoped one of my kids wanted to play tennis!

He came home wanting tennis lessons! (Oh no….WHAT have I created??)
I’ll keep you posted!

T-minus 7 days until Julian and I do our 5k. His first and my first since I haven’t run in almost a month because of my WICKED shin splints! They are feeling great and I can’t WAIT!

Hope your weekend is going well!

Broke down legs….I said it!

Legs are STILL sore from MONDAY’S WOD! Those thrusters were no joke!! And then yesterday, in the midst of my soreness, some darn goblet squats were thrown in yesterday! Lor-DEEE! Today was a little reprieve from legs….

Angie…what the HECK are man makers?

Imagine doing a burpee (on the down part), do a plank hold, do a shoulder pull on each side (like pulling to start a lawn mower),come up like a burpee and instead of the jump portion, you do a squat and then a shoulder press. How ’bout them apples? And we did them as “BW” , ie body weight.

Normally, this is performed with dumbbells…the weight starts on the ground, do the burpee with weight in hand, go down, come up into a plank hold, the shoulder pull with the weight (on each side), come up with weight in hands, squat (with weight in hands) and as you come up from the squat perform a shoulder press. Confused??? When I’m not so cheap, I’ll upgrade my account so I can include videos! 😉

I’m taking the day off tomorrow, because I think I am going to TRY and get my butt on my bike!

Officially excited because my next 5k is next week (I finally get to run after this LONG rest period! Shins are ready!!) and it my first with my oldest, Julian. #cantWAIT


It’s almost the weekeeeeeeend, BABY!!👍