Uh huh…

…3 CrossFit WODs in a row! 3 days in a row I did this week. School is almost over which means my workouts increase! YES!!!






20140529-222416-80656325.jpgUh oh….21-15-9! I’m a wreck before I even know what the exercises/movements are! #getOVERit

Very good WODs for these past few days! Not sure I will make it tomorrow, but we shall see!

How was your workout week???

Memorial Day..Day 2

The holiday weekend couldn’t be complete without a lazy day around the pool at the hotel! We are probably the ONLY family that lives in Florida with NO pool! That was MY bad…but that’s a WHOLE other post!! πŸ˜‰

The pool was perfect….beautiful weather, kids having fun…and a Tiki Bar!!!

20140528-214824-78504651.jpgAnyone that knows me, KNOWS frozen concoctions aren’t really my thing. But….you don’t have to twist my arm either! πŸ˜‰

20140529-060202-21722642.jpgBrotherly LOVE!

Hubby had a surprise for the kids for dinner…

20140529-060414-21854496.jpgMedieval Times!!!
Oh man…did the boys LOVE this place!





The meal consisted of a tomato bisque with bread, roasted chicken, pork ribs, and potatoes. All eaten….WITHOUT utensils! “There are no utensils IN Medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times” (remember that from “Cable Guy”??? πŸ˜‰). Julian and Aidan LOVED that…no real manners necessary!!

Each section has their own knight to cheer on and let me say…people take this stuff seriously!! We had the Black and White Knight



Of COURSE we have to don crowns for knight and support our colors!!



20140529-215955-79195538.jpg Oh hubby just LOVED that he has to wear the crown for the pictures. #NOTfeelingIT

We had a great dinner and drinks! Oh yeah…I said drinks. They had barley and hops in those times, so why not! What I thought was hilarious is that the “wenches”(ie servers) had portable debit card swipers! I DIED!! No utensils but dammit…we got debit cards!!


The show was very engaging! The kids couldn’t take their eyes off the center stage! There is relay horse races, jousting, sword fights, anything imaginable! Sadly…our knight didn’t winπŸ‘Ž but we did cheer the Green Knight as he fought the “bad guy”!!!

Fun was had by all of us!


20140529-221031-79831944.jpgMy young Lords….

Highly recommend this show, particularly if you have kiddos!

We had a GREAT weekend, full of fun and surprises!

Memorial Day…Day 1

We are back in town and back to the normalcy of life. Hubby snuck us away to Orlando this weekend

20140527-212504-77104753.jpgAwww…my guys walking in!!!

We spent most of the day Saturday at the park. Universal has done it again, keeping everyone in a family happy.

We found another JULIAN!

Waiting for the Minions from Despicable Me

20140527-212715-77235318.jpgAidan HAMMING it up…as usual

After hanging with the Minions, we went to Springfield and hung out with….🎢The Simmmmm-sons 🎢



The ride was a 3D ride that was funny and cool! While in Springfield, we ate at….

20140527-214043-78043307.jpgYou know Moe’s??? No..not THAT Moe’s!! Where Homer and his guys hang out, talk MUCH s**t and drink some beers…

20140527-214233-78153008.jpg…and I had some and it was GOOD!
Then there’s always the ….

20140527-214334-78214638.jpg“My name is Moe…this is a flaming Moe..my name is Moe…” (Had to have seen that episode!!)

The other rides, you ask? We went on Transformers (kicked a**!!), Shrek 4D (still LOVE that green ogre), The Mummy (Hubby and Julian went because Aidan wasn’t tall enough…he only needed a smidgen!!) and my kids favorites…Men in Black.

My suggestion if you ever venture to Universal, DO get the Express Pass!!!. It’s worth EVERY penny! Hardly any lines and wait time is very short! Bonus…you can use it as much as you’d like to! #awesome

Whew…what a day! And I think I have posted the “short” version. πŸ˜‰

Day 2…tomorrow!

Oh…first post Memorial Day WOD?

20140527-220426-79466166.jpgTomorrow…I’m sure gonna feel it!!

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Until tomorrow, my pretties!


20140524-190006.jpg…and this my friends is how you start your Memorial Day weekend off! We are headed out of town (really just “up the street” to Orlando) for this weekend. I always plan to do SOMETHING workout related when away, but you never know. The Sandman might make me…FORCE me to sleep in! πŸ˜‰

Hubby surprised us by taking us away this holiday weekend. I was secretly wanting to go away because…truth be told….one word…MURPH!!! This is an amazing WOD to participate in during the Memorial Day weekend. Lt. Michael Murphy was a Navy Seal that was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. Like many soldier who have died in action, CrossFit helps to honor them by naming a WOD for them.

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

My time last year was 73:21. Not bad for Rx and I was in shape! I am just coming off the “injured list” and I knew I wouldn’t do well. Although this WOD, like the many named for soldiers, represents the hard work..the struggle….the intensity of these fine men. This year…I really don’t feel worthy!

Next year it is, Murph! I can’t honor you correctly by kicking a** in your WOD, but I will remind others to…THANK YOU for service!!

PS…if you don’t know the movie “Lone Survivor” is the story about Lt. Murphy and 3 other Navy Seals in Afghanistan.


You know what those “bang” biscuits look like when you open it? You know…BANG biscuits…the biscuits that you open by BANGing them on the counter?? Before…

And After (the bang, that is. Hahahha….I said AFTER THE BANG! I kill meπŸ˜‰)…..

20140521-221858.jpgNow that you have a visual..
..when you initially open up the canister and biscuits look all fluffy, right? Well, THAT is what foot and ankle looked like this morning when I woke up.

Why Angie?

Oh I don’t know…maybe because I fell asleep with COMPRESSION SOCKS! SN: Don’t ever…EVER do that! #lessonLEARNED
I had “fat ankle” and of course….obsessed about it literally all day! The shin splints have left me with an area of “puffiness” around my ankle. I don’t know of this is permanent bit I kinda have a CANKLE! (Where the CALF runs into the ANKLE = CANKLE).

My WOD today was actually one that I don’t think my usual…

It was a good one…

20140522-062319.jpgbut I’m going to be sore! THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!

So I will now go back and quietly obsess about my cankles! Ugh…..

How was your day?

I SURE did….

Uh huh…I finally DID IT!!!! Since I am officially NOT in pain with running,I can finally see past my wallowing (my whining, my complaining, and my incessant blogging about it) and get MOVING. First order of business…sign up for something! It ALWAYS gets me motivated and keeps me motivated to continue to move. Without hesitation, I went for…

20140520-214119.jpg……a TRIATHLON!!!!
Go big or go home, right? This is just what I needed!!

The race is about an hour (and change) from my house, in Clermont, FL. I’ve never been to this area, so the course will be all new, which I like. Why??? I can always remember at which part of race, location specifically, where I “hit the wall”…get tired…want to stop…want to give up. I push on through but I get a little anxious when I get to that “point”.

This is a Sprint Triathlon...

🏊 Swim 1/4 mile

🚴 Bike 10 miles

πŸƒ Run 3.1 miles

Not bad, huh? I estimate about 30 minutes for each leg, maybe a little more (or if I’m lucky…maybe LESS).
This is a race series of four sprint triathlons, each with a theme. I was honest with myself (and my body) that I wasn’t going to be ready for the first race in the series, which is June 7th. I knew that I could get ready for the second race on July 12th.

20140520-220005.jpgLooks like a patriotic theme to me!! #fun

Over the weekend, I will plan out the training schedule. Next week, I will start my training plan and hopefully will be successful with training AND the race!

I won’t forget about my running.
My first run of the summer will be June 7th in Lakeland, FL (about 30 minutes from me). I run the Watermelon Series every summer to keep me running in HADES Florida during the hot summer. It’s VERY easy to talk yourself out of running during our summers! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Let’s get started…..
I’ll keep you posted on my progress and training.

What have you done or signed up for to get you/keep you motivated?

So sore and MORE….

Woke up this am and I was sore as HELL! I am finally back to running, although I have to be honest, it’s inly in the WODs. I feel like I’ve never run before!! I had one 5k after a month’s hiatus, only for them to return one week later with ANOTHER month off!

Thursday’s WOD

20140517-133108.jpgHOLY Toes2Bar!! I don’t remember having a WOD with this many!

Friday’s WOD

20140517-133533.jpgIt was originally 3 rounds but our coach decided as we began our 3rd round to make it 5! Ummm…ok! I thought I was going to DIE but sure…let’s solidify my death!

And THIS is why I am sore! But as always…it feels GOOD to be sore for this reason!!

Because I’ve had the shin splints and now getting back to running, I’ve had to push my June triathlon until July. I have to be honest with myself and my body.
With that being said…..

20140517-140532.jpgI roped my friend into doing a triathlon with me!! This saying pretty much encompasses my outside of CrossFit life! I can’t ever find anyone to run or do triathlons with me. Maybe it’s ME!! πŸ˜‰. I FINALLY ROPED FOUND a friend to do one with me and I’m super excited!! My original tri partner has not done any running and “stuff” since she hurt her foot a couple if years ago (Damn YOU, stress fracture!!). I miss racing and training with her! 😒

The triathlon series is in Clermont. Realistically, I am not ready for the June 7th race, although that’s what I originally shooting for! So my partner in crime triathlons decided on July. This means…gotta get my ass in GEAR (all PUNS intended!!).

With school ending soon, I will be able to (hopefully) concentrate on my training more.

Wish me luck…..

RIGHT now…

…I am digging my new Fueled by Doubt wristband.

20140515-215642.jpgIt’s an up and coming fitness clothing line. I followed them on Twitter and I was asked if I could sport one of their wristbands. Ummm…. HELL YES!! I went on their Store Envy shop and purchased RIGHT away!! Got it today and they were nice enough to send me another one, which I plan to share with my workout buddy, Katelyn.

20140515-220319.jpg(Last year at our first CrossFit competition).

…I am LOVING my new Monogram Asheville shirt. Two weeks ago, she made me a simple vinyl to iron on my grey tank top..

20140515-221223.jpgYou ALL know as soon as you hear 3..2..1..GO” that “Oh Sh*t” immediately comes to mind! Like “oh sh*t, what have I gotten myself into ??”. Like “oh sh*t, is it too LATE to leave??”
I received MANY compliments on it, all
they while advertising my friend’s business. I’m was beyond happy to help her.
As I “Thank You”..she sends me her new creation…

20140515-221755.jpgLOVES it!! That’s right….LOVES it!!!! Rockin’ it tomorrow at the gym!!!
The best part about her shop is that she will custom design for you! #sweet
Check her out!!

…I’m loving today’s WOD.

20140515-222028.jpgWhy you ask? Day 2…running…and NO PAIN!!! Of course I felt like I hadn’t run in years! One month off feels like an ETERNITY…I feel like I forgot HOW to
run!! “I’m coming back for ya, running! I’m gonna get you!!”

What are you liking RIGHT NOW

You KNOW what…..?????

….I RAN today!! Why is this a big deal??? Because I ran for the the first time in 1 month! I haven’t run because of some #^*#++} shin splints!!! I ran in the WOD today with NO pain! I was so excited that I don’t know what to do with myself!!! I am ready to get back in the saddle. As a side note…I thought I was going to die! One month off…the body doesn’t LIKE! Muscle memory, my a**!! πŸ˜‰

Today’s workout…

S2OH = Shoulder to Overhead. Any way you can get the bar overhead from rack position (ie. Push Press or Shoulder Press)
This WITH the runs? Whoa….
But I sure didn’t care because…I got to RUN with NO pain!!!!. Have I said that before???

This truly made my day…

20140512-220657.jpg(From “Run the Edge” FB page….THANKS!!)

How was your day??

Wrap of the Week I

TGImfF…Thank God It’s (mother effin’ ) FRIDAY! I am so glad this week is done! Stick a fork in me because I’m DONE….

Here’s some MISHAPS for this week…

1) Julian decided that a project wasn’t worth MENTIONING to me until 4 days before it was due! Oh…thanks! So who gets to stay up with someone while he works late?? ME!!!

2) I was writing a prescription for a patient, and his name was “Samuel” and as I’m going to write his last name and I IMMEDIATELY wrote “Adams” as is Samuel Adams…the BEER! I died!! Does this mean I have a problem??? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

3) My “Check Engine” light came on in my car…AGAIN! This is going to be a COSTLY mishap!!

Trust me when I say…I’ve got more up my sleeve! I’m here all day….

A glimpse of my week….


Tuesday :


20140509-203903.jpgPS…it was a 20 min AMRAP – I forgot to write that!




I’m thinking Saturday..I might TRY a little run…by little I mean like a MILE. It will probably be a mixed emotion on happiness and sadness….
happiness because I will get to run and sadness because it will only be one mile. But I will remind myself of what I am LUCKY to have and focus on what I DON’T have (right now).
PLEASE pray that my shins hold up and let me complete it! I miss my running!!!

What are your weekend plans?

With Mother’s Day coming up, I saw this funny that EVERY mom should enjoy…

20140509-210606.jpgMOMS ROCK!!!