Squats, Push ups, and Thrusters….oh my!

I’m eating a cookie as I sit writing this post. What??? I’m having a cup of coffee to balance it out! 👍.
It’s been one of those days. But “those” days always end well because of the gym! I love being able to get my frustrations out….

Today’s WOD had my panic attack inducing “21-15-9” beginning. Remember….21 of x number of movements/exercise until all done, then 15, then 9. 21-15-9 seems mentally challenging and physically exhausting. This is why I get nervous and feel a “shut down” coming! I’m working on it….

20140501-224448.jpgThe surprise of today…there were 2 WODs, with a 3 minute break in between. O-kaaaaay……
That was brutal! And the movements were not that hard…but it felt like it! But I survived. And I needed to because I don’t want to be stuck in the land of “I suck” while my shin heals forever. Truth be told…it feels GREAT and I am so tempted to run the 5k with Julian. But for the love of running, I will be patient and wait for my return.

How was your day?

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