Weekend Recap

My weekend was chock full of….well….stuff! I missed the gym on Friday because hubby had a work function, after hours, at a restaurant in Tampa. Why did I need to be there? Drumroll please….PROMOTION!!! My hubby has just been promoted to Vice President of his company. This is an amazing accomplishment for him and for our family. The dinner, in part, was to celebrate this honor, and I was proud to be a part of this moment with him.

We dined at Shula’s Steak House here in Tampa, FL. It’s the first time I have been to this establishment and I was really looking forward to the food!

Before the food, you can see all of the memorabilia for Coach Shula…pictures, autographs and plaques for wins throughout Coach Shula’s tenure. There was even a replica of the Lombardi Trophy from 1972. NICE!!!

The menu- oh the MENU was full of delectable items. Our server, Gary


20140504-220253.jpg was a HOOT! Nice to dine with a server that at least LOOKS like he loves his job!

Our party was 8, so we shared appetizers. We had the Blackened Tenderloin Tips and Ahi Tuna that were eaten so quickly, I didn’t get to snap a picture!

I had the house salad, with mixed greens, hearts of Palm and a vinaigrette dressing.

20140504-221014.jpg It was great!

Entrees ran the gamut in our party…
My table neighbor had the Filet Oscar

20140504-221305.jpgAn 8oz filet topped with jumbo lump crab, hollandaise sauce and asparagus. Yum!!

Hubby had the Cowboy Ribeye.

20140504-221533.jpgThis is a 22oz ribeye that was to DIE for! SN: Hubby doesn’t love sharing his food! It’s now a joke between us and he always shares with me!

I had the 8oz filet with a red wine-herb demi sauce. Again, another item that went super fast, I didn’t snap a picture. #BADblogger!!!

Someone else in our party had the Surf and Turf

20140504-222037.jpgFairly self explanatory but still very worthy of including in the post!

The sides are designed to be shared by the table. We had sautéed and grilled asparagus. The crab Mac and cheese had a Boursin sherry cream, Parmesan cheese, lump crab and topped with bread crumbs. I’m not a huge seafood eater but if you go
to this place, it is a MUST! Lastly, the roasted corn! THE ROASTED CORN!! I❤️corn…ALL types..except creamed 😝. This side dish has Applewood bacon, shallots, garlic, and red pepper. I could have eaten 3 of these!!!

Oh….the wine! How could I forget?

20140504-223017.jpg Concha y Toro. This was a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and selected by hubby, my resident Sommelier. He always picks great wine, and he didn’t disappoint.

We were all STUFFED, so can you believe we didn’t get dessert??? We didn’t….! I was so full, I couldn’t move. I was afraid I was going to fall asleep on the way home!! #foodDRUNK

What a nice way to celebrate a special promotion for a VERY SPECIAL man. He’s worked so hard and he is very deserving of this honor. I can’t wait to see what his future holds. I’m in for the ride!!

Ok….and this was just Friday! Tomorrow, I’ll finish my recap.
PS…. Guess who’s chair I was able to sit in???

20140504-223959.jpgJoe Robbie, the original owner of the Miami Dolphins. Being a Miami girl, it was kind of neat to sit in the seat “named” for him.

Tomorrow…I’ll finish my weekend recap. I’ve not been this busy in a LONG time!! Kinda nice!

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