Weekend Recap 2

I had so much more from my last post that I needed to spread it out, for fear of putting you ALL to sleep!! You remember what Friday was like…promotion, dinner, drinks….remember?

Well, Saturday was a good day, too. Julian had his 2nd 5k that morning. We were at a historical landmark in Lake Wales (FL), Bok Towers.

20140505-224633.jpg The Singing Tower is 205 feet, that is in the “neo-Gothic and Art Deco” style(s). The Tower is home to one of the world’s finest carillons*. The carillon has 60 bells ranging in weight from 16 pounds to almost 12 tons. Music can be heard any where in the gardens.

I really should dub this Julian’s FIRST 5k because the last course, we were all shorted 3/4 of mile because someone along the course didn’t direct us properly! Oh well…

He was excited again to race! I was happy and sad…happy to support my son for something he obviously enjoys (TOTALLY get that!!) and sad because I couldn’t race!

20140505-231428.jpgMy “supposed” race number. 😢

Julian was ready to go…

20140505-231722.jpg“MOM…stop taking pictures of me!!!”

With his new running buddy and inspiration…

20140505-231826.jpgHe’s 10 and Julian’s 13, but Julian’s only been running for 2 months and his buddy…? Like 2 years!!


20140505-232005.jpgoff he goes!! This course was challenging…asphalt, gravel, mulch, up hill, down hill….oh MY! He did amazingly well, I thought, particularly because of the difficult terrain.

20140505-232204.jpg NOT bad, buddy!!!

We were able to walk the gardens (a little) while times were tallied and awards were being polished 😉.

20140505-232415.jpgThe view from down hill of the tower.


20140505-232620.jpgThe clock on one side of the tower bordered by the astrological signs. Neat!!

20140505-232755.jpgCan ALWAYS rely in these guys do to some silly things!! And…

20140505-232916.jpgcan ALWAYS rely on Aidan to do something funny all by himself! LOVE how he made it look like he did something! #sillykid

It was wonderful to share this with Julian. Barely done, Julian asks when the next race! Oh…he’s gotten bitten BADLY!!

I’m enjoying every minute of it!!!

PS…what’s a Carillon you ask? From Bok Tower’s website…

“A carillon is a musical instrument consisting of at least 23 cast bronze bells that are precisely tuned and arranged in chromatic progression so that music in any key can be played. Unlike other types of bells, carillon bells are fixed in a frame—the bells do not move. Instead, the clappers inside strike the bells to produce a considerable range of sounds up to five or six octaves. Because of its weight and size, the carillon is one of the largest of all instruments. A carillon is played from a keyboard on which the keys are depressed by the player’s closed hands and feet. The keys are connected to the clappers by vertical and horizontal wires.”
Impressed?? I sure am…..!

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