RIGHT now…

…I am digging my new Fueled by Doubt wristband.

20140515-215642.jpgIt’s an up and coming fitness clothing line. I followed them on Twitter and I was asked if I could sport one of their wristbands. Ummm…. HELL YES!! I went on their Store Envy shop and purchased RIGHT away!! Got it today and they were nice enough to send me another one, which I plan to share with my workout buddy, Katelyn.

20140515-220319.jpg(Last year at our first CrossFit competition).

…I am LOVING my new Monogram Asheville shirt. Two weeks ago, she made me a simple vinyl to iron on my grey tank top..

20140515-221223.jpgYou ALL know as soon as you hear 3..2..1..GO” that “Oh Sh*t” immediately comes to mind! Like “oh sh*t, what have I gotten myself into ??”. Like “oh sh*t, is it too LATE to leave??”
I received MANY compliments on it, all
they while advertising my friend’s business. I’m was beyond happy to help her.
As I “Thank You”..she sends me her new creation…

20140515-221755.jpgLOVES it!! That’s right….LOVES it!!!! Rockin’ it tomorrow at the gym!!!
The best part about her shop is that she will custom design for you! #sweet
Check her out!!

…I’m loving today’s WOD.

20140515-222028.jpgWhy you ask? Day 2…running…and NO PAIN!!! Of course I felt like I hadn’t run in years! One month off feels like an ETERNITY…I feel like I forgot HOW to
run!! “I’m coming back for ya, running! I’m gonna get you!!”

What are you liking RIGHT NOW

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