So sore and MORE….

Woke up this am and I was sore as HELL! I am finally back to running, although I have to be honest, it’s inly in the WODs. I feel like I’ve never run before!! I had one 5k after a month’s hiatus, only for them to return one week later with ANOTHER month off!

Thursday’s WOD

20140517-133108.jpgHOLY Toes2Bar!! I don’t remember having a WOD with this many!

Friday’s WOD

20140517-133533.jpgIt was originally 3 rounds but our coach decided as we began our 3rd round to make it 5! Ummm…ok! I thought I was going to DIE but sure…let’s solidify my death!

And THIS is why I am sore! But as always…it feels GOOD to be sore for this reason!!

Because I’ve had the shin splints and now getting back to running, I’ve had to push my June triathlon until July. I have to be honest with myself and my body.
With that being said…..

20140517-140532.jpgI roped my friend into doing a triathlon with me!! This saying pretty much encompasses my outside of CrossFit life! I can’t ever find anyone to run or do triathlons with me. Maybe it’s ME!! đŸ˜‰. I FINALLY ROPED FOUND a friend to do one with me and I’m super excited!! My original tri partner has not done any running and “stuff” since she hurt her foot a couple if years ago (Damn YOU, stress fracture!!). I miss racing and training with her! đŸ˜¢

The triathlon series is in Clermont. Realistically, I am not ready for the June 7th race, although that’s what I originally shooting for! So my partner in crime triathlons decided on July. This means…gotta get my ass in GEAR (all PUNS intended!!).

With school ending soon, I will be able to (hopefully) concentrate on my training more.

Wish me luck…..

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