I SURE did….

Uh huh…I finally DID IT!!!! Since I am officially NOT in pain with running,I can finally see past my wallowing (my whining, my complaining, and my incessant blogging about it) and get MOVING. First order of business…sign up for something! It ALWAYS gets me motivated and keeps me motivated to continue to move. Without hesitation, I went for…

20140520-214119.jpg……a TRIATHLON!!!!
Go big or go home, right? This is just what I needed!!

The race is about an hour (and change) from my house, in Clermont, FL. I’ve never been to this area, so the course will be all new, which I like. Why??? I can always remember at which part of race, location specifically, where I “hit the wall”…get tired…want to stop…want to give up. I push on through but I get a little anxious when I get to that “point”.

This is a Sprint Triathlon...

🏊 Swim 1/4 mile

🚴 Bike 10 miles

🏃 Run 3.1 miles

Not bad, huh? I estimate about 30 minutes for each leg, maybe a little more (or if I’m lucky…maybe LESS).
This is a race series of four sprint triathlons, each with a theme. I was honest with myself (and my body) that I wasn’t going to be ready for the first race in the series, which is June 7th. I knew that I could get ready for the second race on July 12th.

20140520-220005.jpgLooks like a patriotic theme to me!! #fun

Over the weekend, I will plan out the training schedule. Next week, I will start my training plan and hopefully will be successful with training AND the race!

I won’t forget about my running.
My first run of the summer will be June 7th in Lakeland, FL (about 30 minutes from me). I run the Watermelon Series every summer to keep me running in HADES Florida during the hot summer. It’s VERY easy to talk yourself out of running during our summers! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Let’s get started…..
I’ll keep you posted on my progress and training.

What have you done or signed up for to get you/keep you motivated?

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