You know what those “bang” biscuits look like when you open it? You know…BANG biscuits…the biscuits that you open by BANGing them on the counter?? Before…

And After (the bang, that is. Hahahha….I said AFTER THE BANG! I kill me😉)…..

20140521-221858.jpgNow that you have a visual..
..when you initially open up the canister and biscuits look all fluffy, right? Well, THAT is what foot and ankle looked like this morning when I woke up.

Why Angie?

Oh I don’t know…maybe because I fell asleep with COMPRESSION SOCKS! SN: Don’t ever…EVER do that! #lessonLEARNED
I had “fat ankle” and of course….obsessed about it literally all day! The shin splints have left me with an area of “puffiness” around my ankle. I don’t know of this is permanent bit I kinda have a CANKLE! (Where the CALF runs into the ANKLE = CANKLE).

My WOD today was actually one that I don’t think my usual…

It was a good one…

20140522-062319.jpgbut I’m going to be sore! THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!

So I will now go back and quietly obsess about my cankles! Ugh…..

How was your day?

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