Memorial Day..Day 2

The holiday weekend couldn’t be complete without a lazy day around the pool at the hotel! We are probably the ONLY family that lives in Florida with NO pool! That was MY bad…but that’s a WHOLE other post!! 😉

The pool was perfect….beautiful weather, kids having fun…and a Tiki Bar!!!

20140528-214824-78504651.jpgAnyone that knows me, KNOWS frozen concoctions aren’t really my thing. But….you don’t have to twist my arm either! 😉

20140529-060202-21722642.jpgBrotherly LOVE!

Hubby had a surprise for the kids for dinner…

20140529-060414-21854496.jpgMedieval Times!!!
Oh man…did the boys LOVE this place!





The meal consisted of a tomato bisque with bread, roasted chicken, pork ribs, and potatoes. All eaten….WITHOUT utensils! “There are no utensils IN Medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times” (remember that from “Cable Guy”??? 😉). Julian and Aidan LOVED that…no real manners necessary!!

Each section has their own knight to cheer on and let me say…people take this stuff seriously!! We had the Black and White Knight



Of COURSE we have to don crowns for knight and support our colors!!



20140529-215955-79195538.jpg Oh hubby just LOVED that he has to wear the crown for the pictures. #NOTfeelingIT

We had a great dinner and drinks! Oh yeah…I said drinks. They had barley and hops in those times, so why not! What I thought was hilarious is that the “wenches”(ie servers) had portable debit card swipers! I DIED!! No utensils but dammit…we got debit cards!!


The show was very engaging! The kids couldn’t take their eyes off the center stage! There is relay horse races, jousting, sword fights, anything imaginable! Sadly…our knight didn’t win👎 but we did cheer the Green Knight as he fought the “bad guy”!!!

Fun was had by all of us!


20140529-221031-79831944.jpgMy young Lords….

Highly recommend this show, particularly if you have kiddos!

We had a GREAT weekend, full of fun and surprises!

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