Summer Running #2

Today was the second in the Watermelon Series in Lakeland, FL. It is a great flat course around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth.



My running buddy, Julian, has been away at camp in Georgia (he comes home tonight!! YAY!!!!). Despite that disappointment, I got to run with my girl, Katelyn (she’s the “Salt” to my “Pepa”)

20140628-234509-85509459.jpgGet it?? Salt ‘n’ Pepa?? The rap group? “Ahhh…Push it”?? Well…that’s what we called each other! #teamsaltandpepa
I haven’t seen Salt in a while because her and I don’t go to the same CF
Box anymore. 😒 We still talk but we don’t get to WOD together any more! Miss her like crazy!!
She HATES running, so I was so proud of her and how much better her running has improved! We’ll see each other at the next race.

This race had close to 1000 runners and it seems to grow every race!


20140628-235054-85854103.jpgIt’s always fun to be out there early in the morning. All different types out there getting their fitness ON!

20140628-235315-85995726.jpgLook…a watermelon skirt!!!

20140628-235411-86051548.jpgThey had a lot of fun signs like these but I couldn’t snap many pictures this time! #fail

It was a better race for me because I cut over 1 minute off my time from the last run a few weeks ago. Shins?? Felt AWESOME! It was a great run….

20140628-235921-86361738.jpgThe aftermath….

Rest today tomorrow and get to catch up with my baby on his adventures at camp!

What did you do today?

Getting to Know You….

Most readers/followers know a few things about me:
1. I LOVE CrossFit
2. I LOVE running
3. I LOVE my family.
(this isn’t in order, by the way). I saw another way of how to “Get to Know Me” on one of my favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers
(Julie is my BFF….she just doesn’t know it yet!). SN: Seriously, her blog was one of the reasons I wanted to blog, so BIG shout out to her!!

After I read this on her blog, I thought “What a great idea”. Then I thought “Oh SNAP…I really have to think about some of this stuff and hope isn’t…”
A) Too boring
B) TOO personal
C) Make you want to run away and never, ever, ever, EVER, want to read my posts again! Let alone my entire blog …

Without further adieu…

The 10 day YOU Challenge

The first day is Ten Secrets

1. Took me 6 years to get my Bachelor’s

Oh yeah..that DID happen! Short version…I transferred from my beloved University of Florida (that’s a WHOLE other story!) to Barry University (back home in Miami) and changed my major. That transfer from a public to a private university AND change of study added the extra time and therefore the 4 year degree took 6!! Lesson learned….

2. 3…2….1…GO!

I’d like to become a CrossFit Level I trainer or even a personal trainer! I don’t know if or when this will happen. This won’t be a career change, just adding on to what I love!!

3. Blog FAMOUS
I secretly would LOVE for my blog to be as loved and as popular/famous as the blog I love!

4. Self Esteem
Yeah, I don’t have much of it. I’m working on being comfortable in my own skin. It’s all self imposed, almost self abusing behavior that I imposed upon myself. I’m a work in progress, folks….

5. Know it all
I want to know it ALL! I want to be the Jack Jane of all trades!!! I have too many interests (and not enough time) and I want to be good at it ALL!! From working out, running, crafts, work, parenting….I strive to KNOW it all, so I may DO it all! #sorryNOTsorry

6. Everything happens for a Reason
This is not Earth shattering, but I live my life by this. God has a plan for us all and we are supposed to know the particulars when HE wants us to know. Period.

7. Paging Dr. ….
I don’t regret selecting my career as a Physician Assistant. I am very blessed to have a profession that I LOVE! But before I decided, I teetered on applying to medical school. Why didn’t I? Fear….plain fear of not getting accepted. However, referring back to #6…it happened for a reason. And a reason that I’ve NEVER regretted!

8. Love and Marriage…and some babies, too
Growing up, I never would have imagined I would be married…let alone have children! I wasn’t THAT girl growing up that had THAT part of her life planned out. I knew college, I knew career, but marriage wasn’t something I even remotely thought of. I’ve been BLESSED with 3 wonderful men in my life. How did I get so lucky?

9. Parenting
I’m sure every parent thinks this but I seriously worry that I am sucking at this parenting thing! I worry I am screwing up these kids and they will be in therapy before the age of 25. I pray EVERY DAY for patience to do this…and to do this right! I had such a great example from my parents. I would consider myself a success if I could be HALF of who they were and are.

10. Caffeine….
Oh, there are SO many things I can say about my love for caffeine! Specifically coffee…EXACTLY Starbucks coffee! I can’t seem to get my day started without it…or get through my day without it! Truth be told…it’s my dessert before bed! 😁

So there you have it….
I hope this will help some of you that read my blog learn a little bit more about me. I also hope that maybe it will get you thinking a little bit more about yourself, too! Blogging is like journaling…except the whole web could potentially read it!!(or one could only hope! πŸ˜‰). It is always nice to dig inside very now and then…

Next up….Nine Loves

Running = JOY

No CrossFit for me today. A lot of members are competing this weekend, so gym was CLOSED. But it’s all good, because there is always….ALWAYS the DREADmill! So, I squeezed in a quickie before dinner. I wasn’t killing any records, but it made me happy to run!

20140626-214620-78380824.jpgI did a little with Wayne today. #excellent #partyON
That was fun!

Since coming off the hiatus and getting (slowly) back to running, I feel like I am falling in love all over again!! I have a new feeling for running; because you never really know HOW much you miss something until someone/something tells you “you can’t”!!! I found my joy of running hadn’t faded.

I try not to focus in the number. You know…”time”, “PRs”, “paces”. I just try to FEEL when I run- patience, healing, prayer,happiness,love….

I like having that back!!!

Rest day tomorrow because I’m going to run a 5K on Saturday.
SN: my butt STILL hasn’t swam yet! My race is 3 weeks away! You think I should….??πŸ˜‰
There is always next week!

How was your day?
Where did YOU find your joy today?

I swear….. I think I saw….

…the DEVIL today at the gym! πŸ‘ΉπŸ”₯πŸ‘ΉπŸ”₯ It’s SO HOT!!!
It’s June and here in Florida, it feels like the heat from August…or Hell….as we like to call it!β˜€οΈπŸ˜“πŸ”₯

Today was the third day in a row for but there won’t be a fourth. I won’t go tomorrow because I need a break for a little more running. And the gym will be closed because of an upcoming competition (out of town) that a lot of members are participating. I’m sitting this one out…the competition, I mean…

This is what greeted us “non competitors”….

20140625-213408-77648754.jpgThe 400m run, at 5:30 Florida heat, is when I think I saw the devil! Devil or not, I kept on pushing through.

I was so hot and sweaty, my tape didn’t last the whole WOD. It was flapping in the wind….I think one of the trainers called me “Flappy” as he was cheering and pushing me on….

20140625-213553-77753737.jpgI’m NOT a big fan of K-Tape (sorry if I offend any K lovers…). It doesn’t matter WHEN I put it on…it NEVER stays on and doesn’t last the entire WOD. The picture was at the end and what I had left.

20140625-214111-78071436.jpgThis is with Rock Tape and this picture is after a WOD…and what’s supposed to be left when you are done. πŸ˜ƒ

I’m sore, but I’m GOOD! I plan on running tomorrow and rest Friday because I have an race on Saturday.
SN: Pleased to report that my shins are doing GREAT!! No pain and I’m LOVING it!!! Fingers crossed it just keeps getting better!πŸ™

What did you do today?
Exercising in the heat…LOVE it or HATE it?

Oh no….ANOTHER ladder!!

Day 2 without Number 1 son, Julian. I know he’s having a blast! How do I know….

20140624-220202-79322919.jpgI’m thinking anyone that is crawling in this stuff must like it and therefore must be having FUN!

And then there’s is this…..

20140624-223732-81452052.jpgLooks like all KINDS of fun have been going on! πŸ˜ƒ

I made it through the day, resisting the urge not to call my baby! But I am learning to step back and let him grow. He doesn’t have a cell phone (Yes…he is probably the ONLY 13 year old in AMERICA that doesn’t have a cell phone!!). I could call the camp, but I won’t! The strings have to eventually be cut, but I’m holding on with my finger tips….

The gym is such a great distraction, which was needed today!!

20140624-224140-81700664.jpgAnother darn ladder!! I survived! I went to 30 lbs instead of 35 lbs because we just did shoulders in yesterday’s WOD and I didn’t want to pay for it! Additionally, those DUs???!!! HELL NO!!!
I wasn’t doing box jumps AND DUs AND a have a 5k on Saturday. Not going to jeopardize my running….NOT this time!!

Excited to run a race on Saturday! STILL haven’t managed the time to get in the pool!! YIKES!!!

What did you do today??

Saying goodbye….

Today was one of those mixed emotions days! My oldest son, Julian, went away to camp. Why is this a big deal? Because this is the first time he’s been away without a family member with him!!! My “baby” is 13 and he’s grown enough for me to send him….

I cried like a BABY…just like the first day I dropped him off at daycare…just like the first day he started Kindergarten! Of course…he didn’t SEE me because I waited until I got in the car!!πŸ˜‰

He went to Georgia with our church’s Middle School Youth Group…

20140623-221046-79846843.jpgPutting Christ first

He’ll be gone for a week and I miss him like crazy!! But on the positive side…I get extra Mommy and Aidan time for the week! #winner

Today’s WOD I needed more than I knew. Any kind of distraction was warranted today!!

It kicked my a** but:
1. I needed it
2. I LOVED it

What a great way to end my day! When I came home I ran on the DREADmill because I need to get as many runs in before the triathlon in July. YIKES

20140623-221818-80298077.jpgRed helped me express what I want…FIERCE!!! #OITNB

So on with the evening…
I’ll have sweet dreams of Julian having a blast at camp! and counting the days until he gets home.❀️

What did YOU do today?
Have you had to say goodbye to your child like I did?

My name is….SORE

I haven’t made it back to 4 days a week at CrossFit just quite yet! With the kids out of school and camp…I am trying to figure out the schedule. Keep me in your prayers that I can get it together!! I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get back on track…..😒

But I AM happy that my running is back on track. πŸ˜ƒ I had my doubts because the first run after my hiatus…to put it bluntly…SUCKED!!!

I took today off from workouts because I am SUPER sore from yesterday’s WOD!

20140620-194902-71342082.jpgOh my!! Those slam balls were AWESOME for getting our your aggression!

I will make up for today’s lack of exercise by an early am run before my day gets crazy! #cantWAIT

What do you have planned for workouts this weekend?

Oh no…The Ladder!

I walked into the gym and there it was…on the Whiteboard…the WOD. How is this any different from all the other days? This was a “ladder” WOD….with m*****} f#*%}**{ THRUSTERS!!!
What’s a “ladder” you ask….? Start work with a low number, ascending up, and then back down again. Still not sure?? Here….

20140619-202645-73605242.jpg….how’d you like THEM apples…or stairs…whatever! It was a KILLER! Have I expressed enough how much I dislike thrusters? But…they are probably THE best exercise in CrossFit.

Whatcha think about that??

What workout did YOU do?

Rainy Days….

Yesterday, I was back at the box after my break in Virginia. And I was greeted like the queen I am….

20140617-223726-81446715.jpgThey must think I am the Queen “Pain in the Ass”…πŸ˜‰
The weather was rainy and windy just like I left behind in VA! WTH???

As I sit here and type, my butt is sore!!! But it is ALWAYS good to get back to routine after vacation. Especially since I was only able to get one run in the entire time I was there!!

I had a brainstorm…an idea…a WONDERFUL idea last night (after doing my ump-teenth load of laundry). During the school year, out if necessity, I have to rise early. I “sleep in” during the summer which is so deserved. But I thought….why not get up early like during the school year and get on the DREADmill! So, I set my alarm on my phone to get up this morning……

20140617-231015-83415484.jpg…and I roll right back over and fall back asleep! #epicFAIL
I am one of those people-if I promise myself that I am going to do something…I stick to it! So….I decide to run at home, after work, while kids where busy. Perfect, right?

20140617-231310-83590095.jpgExcept this weather welcomed me home. DREADmill it is…

20140617-231437-83677446.jpg…..while watching Season 2 of “Orange is the New Black”!! #obsessed #teamPIPER
(If you haven’t heard of this show….you are missing OUT! Get on Netflix NOW and watch it!!)
It made the miles go ALOT faster than I expected!! Thank you, Netflix!!!

I’m about a month out from my triathlon. I have YET to get in the pool! YIKES
Nor have I been back on my bike!!!double YIKES

I’m going to make it happen…not worried!

How was your day!???

Ever heard of Haymarket,VA ? (Part 3)

Ok…last day in Haymarket. The last morning was finally PERFECT for a run! I didn’t do ANY runs because of the horrible weather in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings!! So after I had the pleasure of walking my nephew to school, I took off!



20140616-220506-79506793.jpgMany views in my sister’s neighborhood, Dominion Valley BEAUTIFUL, huh?


20140616-221100-79860342.jpgI was only able to get in a little over 2 miles but it felt GREAT!!

Later in the day, I was able to go see my nephew at school to have lunch with him. I’ve never done this…even with my own children because of work #badMOM
It was so great! I’m going to make sure I try to do it with Aidan this coming school year. Second graders still think that’s cool….


20140616-221759-80279922.jpgWhat a CUTIE my nephew is!! A smart like NO business!! I have to study just to talk to him sometimes!! πŸ˜‰

I had a fantastic time in Haymarket! I hated leaving my sister and the rest of my family behind! But I am lucky and BLESSED that I get to come back again in July. Counting the days…❀️