June 4 was NRD ie National Running Day and I did squeak in a run. I didn’t do anything special…1.25 miles on the DREADmill. Let me point out that the kiddos and myself enjoyed the day…ALL DAY…at the beach. I came home, exhausted and sandy, and plopped my butt in some running shorts and did what I had to do!! I wasn’t breaking any records because 🎶I’m working my WAY back to you, BABE….🎶 (in my best “Spinners” voice!! sorry….couldn’t resist! BABE, by the way, is RUNNING…JUST in case you didn’t get it!). But it IS more than the 1 mile I sucked at earlier this week (or was it late last week??? Hmmmm….)

It felt good and I was so glad to run. And as much as I hate the DREADmill, I’d take it in a heartbeat than go on a two month hiatus again.

How did YOU celebrate National Running Day?

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