Summer Running

…had me a BLAST! Summer running, happened so FAST (well..not really). In case you didn’t catch that…that’s a little play in “Summer Lovin'” from Grease! You hear it…you hear it NOW??? 😉

The summer always starts for me when schools OUT and the Watermelon Series begins! It’s a great way to keep motivated to run in this sweltering Florida heat! 😓. This is a 4 series race..2 in June, 1 in July, and 1 in August. BONUS?? Only 30 bucks for the WHOLE SERIES! #SWEET

It is a flat course, around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL.


It starts at 7 am before Florida decides to be hot!! I had my trusty running bud with me, #1 (aka Julian)

He’s finally done with final exams (6th grade FINALS…can you believe it??) and school is out. He hasn’t run since his last 5k last month. I am coming back from shin splint hiatus, so THIS is my first 5k in TWO months!! Nervous?? Only because I thought my shin splints were going to come back.

And we are off…

20140607-093456-34496442.jpg After a break…a girl can dream, can’t she??


20140607-093939-34779225.jpg Me…thinking that I’m dying!!

20140607-094457-35097690.jpgI love this shirt.. “Mom’s Gone Running” (sorry it’s so blurry!)

20140607-094652-35212597.jpgRun Like a Mother! #hellYEAH

All in all, I survived. The head game that I’m playing with myself, about my time, is in FULL swing! I’m trying NOT to listen….

Our after sweat glow!
I’m so proud of this kid of mine!!

Off to do my ab challenge, Day 7.


Have a great weekend!

What did you do to start off your weekend? Any races??

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