Ever heard of Haymarket, VA? (Part 2)

….On to day 2 in beautiful Haymarket! It was still a VERY rainy day but I was with my family, so I really didn’t notice too much! 😃

Day 2 came with a nice surprise because I was able to see my ONLY niece graduate from Pre-K. She’s our “rose amongst the thorns”…you know…the ONLY girl in her immediate family (she has 3 brothers) and the ONLY girl of all the cousins (I have 2 boys to add to the mix!).

20140615-092501-33901402.jpgOur “rose” with my mom, dubbed “Grandma Sunshine”

It wasn’t that long ago that Aidan was graduating! Hell…it feels like yesterday that Julian graduated from Pre-K! It does seem like time flies…..

Still didn’t get to run because of the weather. My sister thinks I’m nuts because I’m on vacation and workout. I HAVE to do something so I may enjoy the food and DRINKS that I will partake in! #sorrynotSORRY
Am I crazy? Yes
Am I a tad bit unstable? Why…YES! But I am comfortable in my insanity! It works for me!😉

Last day in Haymarket tomorrow…..

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there! I am very blessed to have a wonderful Dad

20140615-165720-61040279.jpg Dad and I at Texas de Brazil (Tampa,FL)

…and a wonderful husband who is a wonderful father to our sons…


20140615-165953-61193352.jpgThank you for all of your love and for showing our young men how to be GREAT men.❤️😘

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