Rainy Days….

Yesterday, I was back at the box after my break in Virginia. And I was greeted like the queen I am….

20140617-223726-81446715.jpgThey must think I am the Queen “Pain in the Ass”…😉
The weather was rainy and windy just like I left behind in VA! WTH???

As I sit here and type, my butt is sore!!! But it is ALWAYS good to get back to routine after vacation. Especially since I was only able to get one run in the entire time I was there!!

I had a brainstorm…an idea…a WONDERFUL idea last night (after doing my ump-teenth load of laundry). During the school year, out if necessity, I have to rise early. I “sleep in” during the summer which is so deserved. But I thought….why not get up early like during the school year and get on the DREADmill! So, I set my alarm on my phone to get up this morning……

20140617-231015-83415484.jpg…and I roll right back over and fall back asleep! #epicFAIL
I am one of those people-if I promise myself that I am going to do something…I stick to it! So….I decide to run at home, after work, while kids where busy. Perfect, right?

20140617-231310-83590095.jpgExcept this weather welcomed me home. DREADmill it is…

20140617-231437-83677446.jpg…..while watching Season 2 of “Orange is the New Black”!! #obsessed #teamPIPER
(If you haven’t heard of this show….you are missing OUT! Get on Netflix NOW and watch it!!)
It made the miles go ALOT faster than I expected!! Thank you, Netflix!!!

I’m about a month out from my triathlon. I have YET to get in the pool! YIKES
Nor have I been back on my bike!!!double YIKES

I’m going to make it happen…not worried!

How was your day!???

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