Oh no….ANOTHER ladder!!

Day 2 without Number 1 son, Julian. I know he’s having a blast! How do I know….

20140624-220202-79322919.jpgI’m thinking anyone that is crawling in this stuff must like it and therefore must be having FUN!

And then there’s is this…..

20140624-223732-81452052.jpgLooks like all KINDS of fun have been going on! 😃

I made it through the day, resisting the urge not to call my baby! But I am learning to step back and let him grow. He doesn’t have a cell phone (Yes…he is probably the ONLY 13 year old in AMERICA that doesn’t have a cell phone!!). I could call the camp, but I won’t! The strings have to eventually be cut, but I’m holding on with my finger tips….

The gym is such a great distraction, which was needed today!!

20140624-224140-81700664.jpgAnother darn ladder!! I survived! I went to 30 lbs instead of 35 lbs because we just did shoulders in yesterday’s WOD and I didn’t want to pay for it! Additionally, those DUs???!!! HELL NO!!!
I wasn’t doing box jumps AND DUs AND a have a 5k on Saturday. Not going to jeopardize my running….NOT this time!!

Excited to run a race on Saturday! STILL haven’t managed the time to get in the pool!! YIKES!!!

What did you do today??

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