Getting to Know You….

Most readers/followers know a few things about me:
1. I LOVE CrossFit
2. I LOVE running
3. I LOVE my family.
(this isn’t in order, by the way). I saw another way of how to “Get to Know Me” on one of my favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers
(Julie is my BFF….she just doesn’t know it yet!). SN: Seriously, her blog was one of the reasons I wanted to blog, so BIG shout out to her!!

After I read this on her blog, I thought “What a great idea”. Then I thought “Oh SNAP…I really have to think about some of this stuff and hope isn’t…”
A) Too boring
B) TOO personal
C) Make you want to run away and never, ever, ever, EVER, want to read my posts again! Let alone my entire blog …

Without further adieu…

The 10 day YOU Challenge

The first day is Ten Secrets

1. Took me 6 years to get my Bachelor’s

Oh yeah..that DID happen! Short version…I transferred from my beloved University of Florida (that’s a WHOLE other story!) to Barry University (back home in Miami) and changed my major. That transfer from a public to a private university AND change of study added the extra time and therefore the 4 year degree took 6!! Lesson learned….

2. 3…2….1…GO!

I’d like to become a CrossFit Level I trainer or even a personal trainer! I don’t know if or when this will happen. This won’t be a career change, just adding on to what I love!!

3. Blog FAMOUS
I secretly would LOVE for my blog to be as loved and as popular/famous as the blog I love!

4. Self Esteem
Yeah, I don’t have much of it. I’m working on being comfortable in my own skin. It’s all self imposed, almost self abusing behavior that I imposed upon myself. I’m a work in progress, folks….

5. Know it all
I want to know it ALL! I want to be the Jack Jane of all trades!!! I have too many interests (and not enough time) and I want to be good at it ALL!! From working out, running, crafts, work, parenting….I strive to KNOW it all, so I may DO it all! #sorryNOTsorry

6. Everything happens for a Reason
This is not Earth shattering, but I live my life by this. God has a plan for us all and we are supposed to know the particulars when HE wants us to know. Period.

7. Paging Dr. ….
I don’t regret selecting my career as a Physician Assistant. I am very blessed to have a profession that I LOVE! But before I decided, I teetered on applying to medical school. Why didn’t I? Fear….plain fear of not getting accepted. However, referring back to #6…it happened for a reason. And a reason that I’ve NEVER regretted!

8. Love and Marriage…and some babies, too
Growing up, I never would have imagined I would be married…let alone have children! I wasn’t THAT girl growing up that had THAT part of her life planned out. I knew college, I knew career, but marriage wasn’t something I even remotely thought of. I’ve been BLESSED with 3 wonderful men in my life. How did I get so lucky?

9. Parenting
I’m sure every parent thinks this but I seriously worry that I am sucking at this parenting thing! I worry I am screwing up these kids and they will be in therapy before the age of 25. I pray EVERY DAY for patience to do this…and to do this right! I had such a great example from my parents. I would consider myself a success if I could be HALF of who they were and are.

10. Caffeine….
Oh, there are SO many things I can say about my love for caffeine! Specifically coffee…EXACTLY Starbucks coffee! I can’t seem to get my day started without it…or get through my day without it! Truth be told…it’s my dessert before bed! 😁

So there you have it….
I hope this will help some of you that read my blog learn a little bit more about me. I also hope that maybe it will get you thinking a little bit more about yourself, too! Blogging is like journaling…except the whole web could potentially read it!!(or one could only hope! 😉). It is always nice to dig inside very now and then…

Next up….Nine Loves

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