Summer Running #2

Today was the second in the Watermelon Series in Lakeland, FL. It is a great flat course around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth.



My running buddy, Julian, has been away at camp in Georgia (he comes home tonight!! YAY!!!!). Despite that disappointment, I got to run with my girl, Katelyn (she’s the “Salt” to my “Pepa”)

20140628-234509-85509459.jpgGet it?? Salt ‘n’ Pepa?? The rap group? “Ahhh…Push it”?? Well…that’s what we called each other! #teamsaltandpepa
I haven’t seen Salt in a while because her and I don’t go to the same CF
Box anymore. đŸ˜¢ We still talk but we don’t get to WOD together any more! Miss her like crazy!!
She HATES running, so I was so proud of her and how much better her running has improved! We’ll see each other at the next race.

This race had close to 1000 runners and it seems to grow every race!


20140628-235054-85854103.jpgIt’s always fun to be out there early in the morning. All different types out there getting their fitness ON!

20140628-235315-85995726.jpgLook…a watermelon skirt!!!

20140628-235411-86051548.jpgThey had a lot of fun signs like these but I couldn’t snap many pictures this time! #fail

It was a better race for me because I cut over 1 minute off my time from the last run a few weeks ago. Shins?? Felt AWESOME! It was a great run….

20140628-235921-86361738.jpgThe aftermath….

Rest today tomorrow and get to catch up with my baby on his adventures at camp!

What did you do today?

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