Tomorrow, I will be back on track with the 10 Day You Challenge. I have the day off and I can focus on the challenge at hand!

In the mean time, today’s WOD was a b**tch! Today’s Thursday, right?? Well, forget about #tbt, I dubbed “her” #tpt for “Throw punch (in my trainer’s throat) Thursday”! I told her that I loved her, but I wanted to chop her dead in her throat for creating that WOD!! It was AWFUL….necessary but awful!!

20140703-221548-80148539.jpgThis was a continuous WOD. It was 4 rounds of 20 push ups and 20 sit-ups, immediately followed by 3 rounds of 20 KBS with 35# and 10 T2B, then 2 rounds of an 800 m run and 20 burpees. LAWD!!!!
I finished and literally thought death was coming! I needed that workout! I am going to sleep GOOD tonight!! I didn’t do a run today because I did a mile in the WOD and well…I was just plain tired when I was done!

So, I sit, exhausted, and wait for tomorrow to celebrate our nation’s INDEPENDENCE! I’m thrilled to have the day off and to spend the day with family. Maybe I will get a run in…before the festivities or after?? Not quite sure yet…😉

🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July🇺🇸
What are your plans tomorrow?

PS…do you remember what KBS and T2B stands for?
KBS = Kettle Bell Swing

T2B = Toes “2” Bar

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