🇺🇸 Fourth of July🇺🇸

Whew…that seemed like a blur! I really enjoy July 4th! It’s nice that we all come together, no matter what ethnicity, religion, background, and celebrate as AMERICANS!! I wish it was like this ALL the time……

We usually go to the parade in town. I’ll have you know that ours (in Brandon, FL) is the LARGEST in Florida (so I’ve been told and so has it been advertised!! 😃). The boys always look forward to it…

20140706-184923-67763138.jpgYou see the excitement! Gotta LOVE that!!

Many local businesses, school bands and organizations, local politicians (incumbents and ones that are running), anyone you can think of participates in this parade. It really shows what kind of community we live in.






Just a small sample of some participants. I didn’t get as many as I wanted because I was too busy having fun! This year they were celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the first high school in the area, Brandon High School.



You can’t go to ANY parade in the Tampa Bay Area without beads! You know like Mardi Gras in NOLA?

20140706-185627-68187472.jpgThe boys are WAITING for the beads!
I have a TON of beads…like…two plastic grocery bags full!
During the parade, candy is thrown with the beads, too. We have enough to last us until Halloween! 😉

After the parade, we go home and hubby ALWAYS hooks up a great holiday meal! We had fried chicken, BBQ Pork, fried fish, veggies, Mac and Cheese. Not exactly the healthy meal, but HEY…it only comes around once a year!! 😉. Oh…how can I forget…my hubby’s corn! This is literally my favorite!!

20140706-190137-68497915.jpgHe uses milk, butter, and sugar! OMG!! I really eat the corn more than everything else!!

And of course what is this holiday without fireworks?? Hubby picks the best kind….









20140706-190455-68695870.jpgWOO HOO!! They were great and the boys loved it!!

20140706-190609-68769477.jpgHAHAHAHAHA!! A little July 4th humor! I couldn’t resist…..

All in all, it was a great holiday with family. The only thing that is “sad” about this holiday….
School supplies are in the stores the VERY next day!!! #toosoon #notREADY #REALLY

How was your holiday??

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