It’s the FINAL Countdown….

…c’mon…sing it with me!! Da da daaaaaa…da da dat da da…
LOVE that song! SN: didn’t realize it had words until about 10 years ago!😃

Today, I did my last WOD before……

Just a quick recap of what I did this week-


20140710-211540-76540766.jpgWhat can’t be seen is that last 15 front squats! This was pure hell!


LAZY! Just plain LAZY! I didn’t go to the gym OR run! #slacker


20140710-212652-77212752.jpgLordy…I thought the Grim Reaper was coming for me after this WOD! Did you like what I named the WOD?? And THAT was kind……

20140710-212953-77393441.jpgRIP Angie 😲

So, tomorrow I will be getting ready for the race on Saturday. I won’t go to the gym because I don’t want to be extremely sore and tired. I also have to get my “stuff” together. I’m going to put together a list of items to have…whether it’s your first or one hundred first…it might be interesting.
Or at least I HOPE it will be interesting for you….😃

Ever have a workout when you thought you were going to “DIE”?!!

SN: Hopefully…tomorrow’s post will be 6 Places from the 10 Day You Challenge. Hey…no one ever said it had to be 10 days in a ROW! 😉

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