The FIRST Time….(“This one time…at CF…”)

I was going to write about 6 Places today from the 10 Day You Challenge. But something far more interesting happened today! My “baby” Julian did his first CrossFit WOD today!!! 😃

20140714-220441-79481761.jpgLook at that face! Excited!!



20140714-220526-79526266.jpgJulian is a basketball player and he wants to get better. All he TALKS about is basketball…all he THINKS about is basketball….you think he wants to play?😉. I’ve been waiting for the right time for him to try CF.
He’s 13 and I feel this is a good age to incorporate weights. When I was a competitive swimmer, at the same age as Julian, I was lifting weights too. So why not?

This WOD was a PERFECT introduction to the sport!

20140714-221034-79834566.jpgHe totally kicked my old ass! First time
doing KBS and not only did he KILL them in the WOD, but he killed the 100 KBS we had to do for time. You know what that makes me…other than OLD??? A PROUD MAMA!!!He’s excited and can’t wait to go back!

Wasn’t that more exciting that my 6 Places? Don’t worry…it’s coming tomorrow! 😉

What was one of your proud parent moments?

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