My First World Problems….

As I am recovering from my triathlon this week, I’m not killing myself to get back “at it”. I did go to CF yesterday with Julian!

Tuesdays are my rest days normally but I decided to incorporate a short run…about 1.5 miles or so….just to DO something. I wanted to go outside but typically Florida weather didn’t allow that to happen. #RAIN. Which means, what???? Yep….DREADmill!! UGH….
It’s VERY hard to stay motivated when you “just” have a DREADmill! #firstworldPROBLEMS. That’s sounds horrible to verbalize it!! I should be BLESSED that I have such problems!

I bought a FitBit prior to my triathlon. I was very excited to have one because of all of the features it had. Well….it’s a little overwhelming to me! I thought it was going to just calculate the calories I’ve burned….not really! I’ll do a review in a little bit, but I did use it this evening for my run. Boy was it WAY OFF!! This think had me running a pace 46 minutes or something like that! I closed the app and went back to my trusty and faithful Nike+ app. Stick with what you know and like!
Review to come….

What did you do today??

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