Another summer goodbye…..

My CF buddy (ie my Running buddy) will be gone for the next few days because he went to basketball camp.

20140721-205511-75311386.jpgThe excitement….! His face is saying “ENOUGH with the pictures, Mom!!”. I thought he was saying “I’m ready for some BASKETBALL!!”
He is about an 1 hour and 1/2 from home in Orlando…on the campus of the University of Central Florida.


20140721-205832-75512874.jpgThis place is the off campus dorms that he will stay.

20140721-210024-75624135.jpgYep…dorm beds still SUCK!

20140721-210050-75650776.jpgWe don’t care WHAT UCF’s mascot IS…we’re GATORS and we ALWAYS represent!! 😉❤️🐊

20140721-210330-75810890.jpgI had to say “goodbye” to No.4 and get back home to pick up #2. Dropping Julian off at camp gave me a glimpse of how it’s going to be when college comes calling. 😢

Off to pick up #2 and to the gym we go….

20140721-210835-76115889.jpgUGH…it was HOT! Again, you look at the WOD and think “Oh…that’s not too bad!”. And then BOOM…it IS!
The first WOD was a 3 min AMRAP of burpees box jumps. WHAT??? Yes…first you do a burpee, come up and jump on the box. Nice!!!
REPS?. I did 29.
The second WOD was a 15 min AMRAP (R = ROUNDS in this one) of the exercises listed. ROUNDS??? 4 2/3.
GRAND TOTAL for the WOD : 33 2/3 (29 from the first and 4 2/3 from the second)
That was a much needed Monday WOD!

How was your day?
Any parents say “goodbye” to their babies this week?

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