A Pause for the WODs….

Now back to your regular programming…. Let me take a second away from the “10 Day You Challenge” for you. Don’t worry…don’t worry…I’ll be back at it tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

BTW…I like this challenge because it is really forcing me to dig deep and think about things. You know we all don’t take time to do that very often….

Let me say that ALL this soul searching hasn’t stopped my workouts!


20140702-202750-73670591.jpgOH wall balls…how I HATE thee…
You guys know I loath legs! But I’m working on this hate…. #underconstruction ๐Ÿšงโš ๏ธ๐Ÿšง

I usually take this day off while Julian is at youth group at church. But I am finding that I can get a quick DREADmill run in and I feel great!

20140702-205037-75037623.jpgKevin Hart and I got in a little over 1 1/2 miles. I should have made it to 2 miles but I was SO SUPER BORED!!๐Ÿ˜.

Wednesday ie TODAY

20140702-205221-75141706.jpgI did a run before my WOD because I was at the gym earlier than normal. I like running before because it’s one less thing I need to do when I get home!๐Ÿ˜‰

20140702-205326-75206767.jpgThen the WOD…
I substituted the DU for a 100m run. I’m still on a self imposed restriction from DUs. Ain’t nobody got TIME for shin splints again! #WORD. Because I ran before the WOD, my box jumps were step ups on the 20″ box. See folks…I’m getting SMART about my working out!! This is the first time I didn’t have my shoulder taped for overhead ANYTHING. I was sweaty and there wasn’t enough time to get the tape on before the WOD. I won’t lie…I was nervous of how my shoulder would feel AFTER those 40 push presses at 65#. As of this post…GREAT!!!
I’m not going to talk about it any more so I don’t JINX myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.
I am 9 days from my triathlon! I am going to totally suck because I haven’t really trained like I wanted to and needed to. Crossfit and running….that’s it! We shall see how THAT works out….

How was your day?

Are you enjoying the “You” challenge?

Getting to Know You…#3

8 Fears
This one was REALLY HARD for me. I had to dig on this one….

They just plain GROSS.ME.OUT! And I’m afraid when I see them..maybe not full on arachnophobic yet, but I’m on my way! I don’t even want to look for a picture to post because it gives me the hee-bee-jeebies!!

2. Failure
This isn’t anything new for most people. I’m scared of not doing well at the new things I try…the things I like…

3. Mediocre
“I want to just be average”…said no one EVER! I don’t expect to be the BEST, but I do expect to give it my all with EVERYTHING I do!

I don’t want to be boring!! I want to be able to be in a room, having a conversation, and not be completely boring to the person/ people I am talking to.

5. Time
I fearful of not having the time to do the things I NEED to do, HAVE to do, and WANT to do. It just seems to be going so fast…..

6. Kitchen
It gives me panic to get in the kitchen to cook! Which is weird because I LOVE to bake! Why IS this? I practically married an “Iron Chef”

7. Gas Prices
I drive 125 miles round trip to work EVERY DAY. Enough said…

8. Being Left
I am a “child” of divorce. My parents spilt when I was a freshman in college. I have to say, as a child, it was of the worst pains EVER. As an adult, a married adult, I understand WHY it happened. But it has always left me with the insecurity of being left. No matter what…I’ve always had that fear. (Whew….that was the hardest one to admit!)

This part of the challenge I found most challenging. I found that most of my fears are internal and shape the way I do and approach things in my life. Some of my fears were expected, maybe some whew humorous…but they were all HONEST.

What are your fears???

Next up….

7 Wants
Ohhhh…that’s gonna be a hard one, too!

Getting to Know You….#2

Thought I was done? NOPE!!๐Ÿ˜‰


9 Loves (in NO particular order,mind you….)

1. My Guys…

20140630-220215-79335569.jpgMy hubby, Miguel. He’s the love of my life, my friend, my champion, and my rock. I thank God every day for this man…for who he is, the husband he became, and the father I always knew he would be. โค๏ธ

20140630-220653-79613107.jpgMy oldest son, Julian. He such a sweet and smart young man. I always wonder HOW I was blessed with this child!

20140630-220801-79681176.jpgMy “baby”, Aidan. This kid is ALL personality….don’t know WHERE he came from!!๐Ÿ˜‰. God blessed me again with this cutie!

There is NO question in my mind that my renewed relationship with HIM continues to bless me and my family. I strive every day to be a better person, to be patient, and to live the life in the way HE wants me too. Keep those prayers coming….

3. Reading
Books, magazines, blogs….
You NAME it, I LOVE to read it. Outside of the professional reading I do, I get some fun stuff too! I’m currently reading “House Girl” by Tara Conklin.

20140630-221540-80140262.jpgI’ll give you a review when I’m done!

4. Movies
Ummm…where do I start? Let’s just say I’ll watch ANY movie (except Horror…HATE being scared!!!๐Ÿ˜). And this love of movies have led to a (mental) collection of movie lines and one liners! Don’t EVEN get me started….

5. Electronics
I’m a junkie….I seriously love Best Buy as much as I love Ross! I wish I could take one of EVERYTHING!!!

6. Travel
I was lucky enough to have parents that loved traveling. That “bug” was passed on to myself! My father worked for Pan Am (remember them?) and we able to travel the world! Now that my boys are old enough,hubby and I have plans on traveling abroad..hopefully next year!!

7. Sports
Oh yeah!!! I love to watch sports…particularly college sports…ESPECIALLY The University of Florida Gators! Go Gators

20140630-222341-80621785.jpgjust in case you want to know the new Gator Football schedule….

8. Crafting
Oh LORD…do I love to craft! Oh DAMN….do I NOT have enough time!! I love to make all kinds of neat things. Pinterest is my crack! #soNOTsorry

9. Gators
See number 7; but I’m sure this ISN’T a huge shock! My brainwashing TEACHING my kids that Florida is where they need to go! A girl can hope and dream, right?


There you have it…my LOVES. I have a few more but I had to tailor the list! ๐Ÿ˜
Hope you like it….

Next up…. 8 Fears