Rest day….Like it or Not

Oh Friday…how I LOVE thee!! I’ve been looking for you all week! Not like I have anything super exciting planned but it’s a LONG weekend….LABOR DAY WEEKEND, Baby!!!

IMG_4158.JPGHaving Monday off (actual Labor Day) means the WORLD to us working folks/parents! One more day to get stuff done and prepare for the week! The weekends go so fast, that by the time you look up…it’s Monday! #damn

I fully intended to meet my girlfriend, Leslie, for a run around the lake after work.

IMG_2399.JPGWe haven’t seen each other much since she doesn’t come to the gym anymore because of her work schedule AND since the kiddos started school!

I usually take Friday off, but I took full advantage of the idea of:
A. Catching up
B. Getting in an unplanned run
C. Doing something BEFORE I pick up the kids!!

But guess what??? Mother Nature had a different plan. NO, not THAT!!!πŸ˜‰. About an hour before it’s time to leave work….the sky started to become and black…and them it.was.ON!! Rain like NO business came falling out of the sky!! #typicalFLORIDA

It didn’t let up about 1 1/2 hours!! So….NO run!!! #weatherFAIL
I was pissed!!! But I got over it…picked up the kiddos….went home and relaxed!

My plan is to run in the morning, and get myself back on track for possible 10k before the end of the year. I am still in training for my triathlon in October, so this will help!!

So, I thank Mother Nature for the I unscheduled rest day today. I probably needed it more than I would like to admit…..

How was your Friday?
Any plans for Labor Day weekend?

PS….College Football is BACK!! And my Gators are playing tomorrow! Excited isn’t the word….

IMG_4156.JPGGot my NEW lawn flag!!
And we are getting ready to….


It was a GOOD day…..

Today felt pretty good. My morning runs (I’m on week 2 of them) continue to make me feel GREAT!! I’m still amazed that I haven’t given up and sleep the extra 30 minutes instead of the running on the DREADmill! I continue to be inspired by YOUR blogs and I wanted to say “Thank You”!!!

The WOD today has made me realize a few things….

1. No matter how I may HATE/DESPISE/LOATHE some WODs, some movements (BURPEES!!), some haters…I will ALWAYS love CrossFit!

2. I dead lifted 155#…for 5 rounds of 10. What?? I’m 42!!! Who am I impressing??πŸ˜‰

3. I really need to get a HR monitor to see how many calories I burn during WODs. This one sounds odd, but I’m tracking it all – food, intake, burned calories…. And after almost 5 years of doing CF, I literally have NO idea what I’ve burned!!

Hope everyone’s day was a good one!
What made it good for you?

WILT #10

I’m SORE from yesterday’s WOD…

IMG_4129.PNG…and I have the LIMP to prove my hard work!!! πŸ˜‰

I’ve missed A LOT of WILTs (REMINDER: What I Love Tuesdays).
So here I go…..

Have you seen or heard about Starbucks new hand crafted soda?? Let me say….I LOVE this!! It comes in three different flavones: Ginger ale, Lemonade, and Spiced Root Beer.



IMG_3555.JPGI went with the ginger ale and let me say…I WASN’T disappointed at all!! Check out more info on Fizzio.

2. Granola
How do I love thee??? Let me count the ways!!!! I found a new one whilst pumping gas at my local RaceTrac!

IMG_4060.JPGIt has almonds, blueberries, and a “glazed” top. It’s like a dessert!!

3. Muscle Milk
I stumbled upon this…again at my local RaceTrac gas station.

IMG_3997.JPGIt’s only 100 calories and it was a PERFECT pre and post workout “snack”.

IMG_3999.JPGIt’s not bad on the nutritional side either! πŸ˜‰

4. DREADmill
As much as I HATE the thing, it is a STAPLE in my morning now! Since I have added a 4 am run (amounts to about 2.25 miles in the time I have), I have to run on the DREADmill because it pitch ass dark at that time!!

IMG_4074.JPGOf course I’m STUCK in #garagePARADISE!! But I love my time in the morning with DREADmill. We have taken out relationship to a whole NEW level! 😘❀️

5. New races
I signed up for a triathlon in October. An all woman’s race!!

IMG_4034.PNGExcited!!! Maybe those am runs will help!!

Short but sweet WILT this week! I’m
Trying to keep balance this year with kids/kid’s school, work, working out, and or course…blogging! I’m making it this far….πŸ‘Š

How’s everything today?
Juggling anything new?

PS…I still haven’t forgotten to finish “The 10 Day YOU challenge”. No one said that I HAD to finish in 10 CONSECUTIVE days!! πŸ˜‰

I LOST it alright……

I lost one stinking HALF of a pound!! Ok….I got my frustration out! I am happy that I at least lost SOMETHING….but I was hoping for a bigger BANG than 1/2 pound.

I did the last of the summer series 5k yesterday. I started off my morning with a broken watch strap on my Garmin!!

IMG_4092.JPGNot really how I planned THAT to go….
I had my iPhone with the Nike+ app any way, so all isn’t lost!

The run felt good….felt REALLY good considering I’ve been getting up at ass crack of dawn to run at least 1.5 miles on the DREADmill! But this Florida heat….OMG! I thought for sure I was going to shave off some time….NOT SO MUCH! The proverbial “wall” came about 1/4 of a mile left in the race and my “get up and go”…. got up and WENT! My tank just felt empty….I wasn’t physically or mentally tired…it was just so HOT. And I think that’s what got to me or at least got in my head!! I was mad (that’s the competitor in me), but I got over it…EVENTUALLY! πŸ˜‰.
I have to remind myself…I at least lapped everyone that was still sleeping at 7 am (at official race time). #LOL
I also reminded myself that the ALS “Ice bucket challenge” that I’ve been called out on FOUR TIMES would have been perfect after the race! I could do my part to 1) continue to raise awareness of ALS , 2) cool off, and 3) get my friends off my back because I haven’t followed through yet on the challenge!! πŸ˜‰
Haven’t heard of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? Check out it out here

Oh well….back at it on Monday! I will SUCCEED!

IMG_4096.JPGLOVE that watermelon!!

How was your weekend?

And there you have it….

What came back into my life today?? ROPE CLIMBS!! I can’t explain WHY I love these…but I do! It feels like every muscle in my body is working when I climb! I haven’t had a WOD with them in about a year, so I was excited when I walked into the gym. The angels were singing as I was approaching the “white board” (CF lingo…where the WOD is posted..)

It was literally 100 degrees today, so a good sweat was gonna happen with is WOD! I’m not sure how I squeezed out 5 rounds…but I was happy.

But with the GOOD, comes the BAD! I’ve learned to ALWAYS have long socks with me for these occasions! So I was prepared for the rope….
It felt GREAT!! And I was wondering when I was going to see my twisted coarse friend again in a WOD….

Then I got home.. other old friend, Rope Burn!! Well HELLO!!!πŸ˜‰. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just red. I’m sure it will turn into that “burned” looks soon!!

I really don’t care because I was just happy to see my old friend!!

What activity in your workout gets you going?

PS…I’m in Day 3 of early am running…on the DREADmill! I’m sticking to it! #prayersPLEASE

I did it…..

I got up this morning…unfortunately at 4 am, because I had a date with my treadmill! Or as I ALWAYS affectionately call it….DREADmill! I literally hate running on it but I have to more days than not because of hubby’s schedule and mine. I only did 1.61 miles. That’s all time allots for in the wee morning hours….then it’s on to get ready, get the kids going, and out the door by 6 am.

I’m STOKED that I didn’t hit the snooze button for the millionth time!!
I’m getting myself ready to do a repeat tomorrow am. It really was a great way to start my day!!

I finished my day with a CF WOD….

IMG_4062.PNGMan did that kick my a**! It’s to be expected since I worked out ONCE last week! #smh

Wish me luck on my am DREADmill running endeavors! πŸ˜‰ funny source is THIS gem! ❀️

How was your day??


….I did it! I survived the first week of school! I have a…

IMG_4030.JPG7th grader!!!

…and a

IMG_4029.JPG2nd grader!!!

Summer went by so fast! I looked up and it was time to buy school supplies!! I CRAVE the schedule because of the routine…I just don’t like all of the WORK THAT comes with it!! The HW…the room parent responsibility ( I have “GUILTY MOM” Syndrome…I’m incapable of saying no to the school!)…the after school activities…EVERYTHING!! This is probably where the “MISHAPS” in the 3M blog title comes from….πŸ˜‰
Organization….UGH! I’m still working on that….but I get better every year!

Theeeeeeen…there is the working out! This week I managed to get to CF ONE time!! I couldn’t go on one day because of orientations. The third day I planned to go…I got half way to work and drum roll PLEASE…..left my bag at HOME!! #seriously
C’mon, Angie!! The fourth day, Julian had church responsibilities after school. Let the MISHAPS begin…..

Selfish Mom Alert…..
I just want to make sure that I have time to squeeze in my workouts and my runs! I feel like such a slacker for basically doing nothing this week! I have to get back in track because I have a 5k next weekend. I’ve also convinced myself that I’m a triathlete and registered for another Tri in October!

IMG_4034.PNG Lycra and Lace Triathlon.
It’s for the LADIES only! Cool! I’ve never done an all ladies race…#kindaSTOKED. I have to schedule ME, find the ME, remember ME in the “Mom,Miles,and Mishaps”….
Ok….Selfish time is OVER! Thanks for letting me vent….πŸ˜‰

Back on it next week….

How was your week??

No me GUSTA…..

For my non Spanish speaking bloggers and blog readers that is “I don’t like“….
Lemme tell you what I DONT like…
The fact that I stepped on the scale this weekend and about fell OUT! That was a literal!! I thought I was doing well, but I’ve been doing well in my workouts…NOT with my eating! I am one of those people that needs that visual cue, the virtual kick in the ASS to recharge and get back on it.

Well…there you go, Angie…here’s your cue….

No disrespect to ANYONE regarding this post about weight, MY weight.
Let me put it in a one perspective for you…


IMG_4026.JPGMy BMI is…DRUMROLL PLEASE…in the Overweight category! Wow!! There you go…NO ME GUSTA!!!

So apparently THIS is what I need to show myself AGAIN that my diet is literally “off the chain”!! I’m tired of this roller coaster…! I’m 42 and it won’t and ain’t gonna get any easier! So back to what I know…writing everything down, so can be held accountable for my intake. As I type this post, I want a COOKIE, but I’m trying to tell myself “Drink WATER and get full!!” and “go to bed”.

My friendly fit app will be in HIGH demand again…


Sorry for the vent, but I had to get it off my chest. I’m MAD…mad at myself for letting myself go like this. I want to change my eating and it ain’t gonna happen unless I make the effort to make it happen.

Exercise has never been my problem…I just LOVE food (and drink, truth be told!!). Truly, I epitomize First World Problems!!!

But, I will make it happen, my fellow bloggers…I will!! All prayers and thoughts will be GREATLY appreciated!! 😘

My question is……
Have you ever been disappointed in yourself to the point where you are PISSED?

The Lazy Girl is BACK…….

Today was my first day back at CrossFit after my mini va-cay to VA (HEY….that rhymes!!!). I was excited to get back because I was basically a sloth will away from home. This is first time in a LONG time I haven’t done some type of exercise while away from home. #LAZY #SLACKER

I’m always hesitant to return because something God AWFUL greets me when I walked in…

20140806-224707-82027708.jpgCan I just say, that rowing and I are NOT a match made in heaven! Good GOD do I suck…..!😝

I also managed to rip my hands during the last round of pull-ups! Instead of the kipping pull-ups that I normally perform during a WOD..


…I busted out some Butterfly pull-ups…


Well GO me…but OUCH for my hands….

20140806-230259-82979961.jpgIt HURT when I washed my hands, so I can only imagine what showering was going to feel like!!

So, I clean my wound and wait for tomorrow! I’m glad I got in some butterfly pull-ups….rip or no rip!

What did you do today??

Getting back to it….

I was out of the pocket over the past few days because I went to see my sister and family in Virginia. It was nice to be there, but it wasn’t long enough!! I HATE leaving them behind! My kids LOVE being with their cousins..




And don’t forget THIS sweet face…

20140805-200827-72507788.jpgThe LAST of the cousins!

My boys LOVE to travel! They are like me…they have the TRAVEL BUG!!


We left Tampa to Reagan National Airport. SN: If you EVER have the Jet Blue! From the ticket counter to the on flight crew..EVERYTHING about this airline was AMAZING!! They have gained a customer for LIFE! I have never had such a great experience with an airline is a LONG time!! My Dad worked for Pan Am and I have been SPOILED regarding air travel. They set the standards HIGH at Pan Am! Well…Jet Blue is my 2K14 Pan Am! I hope you get a chance to fly them!!!πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘

I’ll fill you in on our adventures…..