Getting back to it….

I was out of the pocket over the past few days because I went to see my sister and family in Virginia. It was nice to be there, but it wasn’t long enough!! I HATE leaving them behind! My kids LOVE being with their cousins..




And don’t forget THIS sweet face…

20140805-200827-72507788.jpgThe LAST of the cousins!

My boys LOVE to travel! They are like me…they have the TRAVEL BUG!!


We left Tampa to Reagan National Airport. SN: If you EVER have the Jet Blue! From the ticket counter to the on flight crew..EVERYTHING about this airline was AMAZING!! They have gained a customer for LIFE! I have never had such a great experience with an airline is a LONG time!! My Dad worked for Pan Am and I have been SPOILED regarding air travel. They set the standards HIGH at Pan Am! Well…Jet Blue is my 2K14 Pan Am! I hope you get a chance to fly them!!!👍❤️👍

I’ll fill you in on our adventures…..

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