The Lazy Girl is BACK…….

Today was my first day back at CrossFit after my mini va-cay to VA (HEY….that rhymes!!!). I was excited to get back because I was basically a sloth will away from home. This is first time in a LONG time I haven’t done some type of exercise while away from home. #LAZY #SLACKER

I’m always hesitant to return because something God AWFUL greets me when I walked in…

20140806-224707-82027708.jpgCan I just say, that rowing and I are NOT a match made in heaven! Good GOD do I suck…..!ūüėĚ

I also managed to rip my hands during the last round of pull-ups! Instead of the kipping pull-ups that I normally perform during a WOD..


…I busted out some Butterfly pull-ups…


Well GO me…but OUCH for my hands….

20140806-230259-82979961.jpgIt HURT when I washed my hands, so I can only imagine what showering was going to feel like!!

So, I clean my wound and wait for tomorrow! I’m glad I got in some butterfly pull-ups….rip or no rip!

What did you do today??

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