And there you have it….

What came back into my life today?? ROPE CLIMBS!! I can’t explain WHY I love these…but I do! It feels like every muscle in my body is working when I climb! I haven’t had a WOD with them in about a year, so I was excited when I walked into the gym. The angels were singing as I was approaching the “white board” (CF lingo…where the WOD is posted..)

It was literally 100 degrees today, so a good sweat was gonna happen with is WOD! I’m not sure how I squeezed out 5 rounds…but I was happy.

But with the GOOD, comes the BAD! I’ve learned to ALWAYS have long socks with me for these occasions! So I was prepared for the rope….
It felt GREAT!! And I was wondering when I was going to see my twisted coarse friend again in a WOD….

Then I got home.. other old friend, Rope Burn!! Well HELLO!!!😉. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just red. I’m sure it will turn into that “burned” looks soon!!

I really don’t care because I was just happy to see my old friend!!

What activity in your workout gets you going?

PS…I’m in Day 3 of early am running…on the DREADmill! I’m sticking to it! #prayersPLEASE

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