I LOST it alright……

I lost one stinking HALF of a pound!! Ok….I got my frustration out! I am happy that I at least lost SOMETHING….but I was hoping for a bigger BANG than 1/2 pound.

I did the last of the summer series 5k yesterday. I started off my morning with a broken watch strap on my Garmin!!

IMG_4092.JPGNot really how I planned THAT to go….
I had my iPhone with the Nike+ app any way, so all isn’t lost!

The run felt good….felt REALLY good considering I’ve been getting up at ass crack of dawn to run at least 1.5 miles on the DREADmill! But this Florida heat….OMG! I thought for sure I was going to shave off some time….NOT SO MUCH! The proverbial “wall” came about 1/4 of a mile left in the race and my “get up and go”…. got up and WENT! My tank just felt empty….I wasn’t physically or mentally tired…it was just so HOT. And I think that’s what got to me or at least got in my head!! I was mad (that’s the competitor in me), but I got over it…EVENTUALLY! 😉.
I have to remind myself…I at least lapped everyone that was still sleeping at 7 am (at official race time). #LOL
I also reminded myself that the ALS “Ice bucket challenge” that I’ve been called out on FOUR TIMES would have been perfect after the race! I could do my part to 1) continue to raise awareness of ALS , 2) cool off, and 3) get my friends off my back because I haven’t followed through yet on the challenge!! 😉
Haven’t heard of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? Check out it out here

Oh well….back at it on Monday! I will SUCCEED!

IMG_4096.JPGLOVE that watermelon!!

How was your weekend?

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