It was a GOOD day…..

Today felt pretty good. My morning runs (I’m on week 2 of them) continue to make me feel GREAT!! I’m still amazed that I haven’t given up and sleep the extra 30 minutes instead of the running on the DREADmill! I continue to be inspired by YOUR blogs and I wanted to say “Thank You”!!!

The WOD today has made me realize a few things….

1. No matter how I may HATE/DESPISE/LOATHE some WODs, some movements (BURPEES!!), some haters…I will ALWAYS love CrossFit!

2. I dead lifted 155#…for 5 rounds of 10. What?? I’m 42!!! Who am I impressing??ūüėČ

3. I really need to get a HR monitor to see how many calories I burn during WODs. This one sounds odd, but I’m tracking it all – food, intake, burned calories…. And after almost 5 years of doing CF, I literally have NO idea what I’ve burned!!

Hope everyone’s day was a good one!
What made it good for you?

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