Hot “FUN” in the Summertime….

Uh huh…. “Hace CALOR!!! That’s “It’s HOT” for my non Spanish speakers! (Like I’m fluent or something!! As IF…..). It was HOT at the gym! It’s September…when are we going to get the cooler weather? In ready for those Florida “winter”….

First day I’ve been back at CF since Labor Day. I got off track because Monday was a holiday! I still ran but I’m a creature of habit and I feel out of sorts! But I’m glad to be back!!

IMG_4183.PNGToday I felt like I was going to BLOW CHUNKS!! My….was it hot and the WOD was tough and that is the PERFECT recipe for up chucking! 😉. No matter how you feel…it’s ALWAYSworth it!! I was kind of excited because I was able to put in some chest to bars in the WOD in lieu of pull ups! #ohSHOOT
Julian is still going strong and making such progress! I’m SO proud of him and how much he is learning from this sport!

We got our new shirts today at the gym. There is a competition this coming weekend and everyone’s has one whether competing or not. (Not FREE of course but it’s awesome to feel like part of the team). I’m sitting his one out again…I’m still waiting for the “bug” of competiting. Right now…triathlons are my main focus. But I’m still UFPC STRONG…

IMG_4182.JPGI snapped a pic of Julian when he wasn’t looking….😉
It states UFPC:

That’s us….CrossFit UFPC!!

How was your day?

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