You should REALLY appreciate time…..

These last few CF WODs were something! Again, you learn to appreciate time because the ones that LOOK like they aren’t hard, usually ARE!
I was able to make it 3 times this week…still TRYING to get that 4th day in but just can’t seem to make it lately. School stuff always trumps gym time! You moms out there KNOW what I am talking about, right?😉

The first WOD of the week (ie Monday)-

IMG_4253.PNGDoesn’t seem like a whole lot, does it?? Yeah…..RIGHT!! 12 minutes is a LOOOOONNNNG TIME!!!

Wednesdays WOD-

IMG_4254.PNGWhoa! Ok….how many push presses? I have to say…felt like a little bit of a bad ass after this one. 😉

And then there is yesterday’s WOD –


IMG_4256.PNGSo, let me ‘splain…
This WOD has 3 – 5min AMRAPs. When I first read it, I thought it said “3 TO 5 min AMRAP” which I thought “Hey…I’ll pick the 3 mins!!!”. Yeah…..NOPE! The first WOD was 5 minutes and then move IMMEDIATELY to the next WOD for the next 5 minutes and finally the last WOD. This one was TOUGH because you didn’t have any rest time in between each WOD! My CF buddy, Julian (aka number one son) kicked some ass on this WOD! He even took off his shirt TO GET ON IT!! ex-CUSE me! #cfSTRONG

Transitioning to today (FRIDAY!!!), I was finally able to run with my friend, Leslie

IMG_4258.JPGPost run SELFIE!! I will be honest…this wasn’t my best run for a few reasons:
1. It was HOT!!

2. I totally went of the diet path and had Taco Hell Bell for lunch! It’s “Fat Friday” at work and we always have Taco Bell! Well I usually go with a “healthier ” choice if that’s possible. Well today…NOT SO MUCH! I had the Nacho Bell Grande! That was about 3 1/2 hours (-ish) before the run! #notSMART

3. I was guarding my shins. I jumped rope for the first time in 6 months! I was very apprehensive about the ru because I just KNEW my shins where going to hurt! (They didn’t, by the way!)

Long week!! I’m off to get some rest as I have a duathlon in the morning. It’s a 2 mile run, followed by 1/4 mile swim, and 1 mile run. I hope I don’t suck…,

How was your week?
Any races this weekend?

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