Do you Duathlon?

Whew….Monday is here and GONE! Seems like the weekend goes faster and faster! I can’t keep up…it’s like the race pace I’m trying to get to…I just can’t KEEP UP!!😉

On Saturday, I competed in a duathlon….

IMG_4280-0.JPGSplash and Dash. It was through Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center in Brandon, FL.

IMG_4279.JPG (It’s FIVE minutes from my house!!! Can you believe it??). The money raised at this race goes to their Trident swim program. This program teaches children, with many different disabilities, how to swim. I’ve done this race 3 years in a row. Coincidentally, it’s seems to have been before a triathlon! NOTE: I have one schedule in October! 😁

I got there very early for a 7:30 start time. I had to check in, get marked and get my stuff to the transition area.
I ended up with….

IMG_4269.JPGOk-aaayy!! No pressure here!! #imnumberONE

IMG_4278.JPGFinish area

This race featured two runs and a swim:

1st leg: 2 mile run


2nd leg: 1/4 mile swim

IMG_4277.JPGThe swim was in the pool, basically “snaking” the pool from lane 1 to lane 8. I was tired after the swim, unusually for me. #whoa

3rd leg: 1 mile run

IMG_4271-0.JPGHi, Don-KAY (in my BEST Shrek voice!). That was a rough finishing run!

I don’t know my time yet (partly because I haven’t checked!)

My participating medal…


It was fun and went to a good cause! PLUS….I can gage where I am with my “training”. 😉😁

PS: I will say even this race left me with an INSATIABLE appetite!! OMG!!

How was your weekend?

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