I’m STILL suffering ….

…from yesterday’s WOD! You should always…ALWAYS be a scared when you see the white board and you think or you verbalize that a WOD “doesn’t look that bad!”. It’s now out there in the universe and you have UNIVERSALLY and ROYALLY SCREWED YOURSELF! . Anyone knows that has done CF knows this is NEVER true! Easy CF WOD doesn’t exist! Just like leprechauns and unicorns, my friends! 😉

IMG_4341-0.PNGYep…it’s THATS bad! This a what we call a “ladder”. Well, whether you are going up first and then down or vice versa…it STINKS! #looksareDECEIVING. So…start at 10: 10 Ground to overhead (G2OH), 10 broad jumps, and 10 hand release push ups (HR). Then 9, 8,7…..you get the point. THEN…go back UP the ladder!! WHAT??? Do the math…that is 110 reps of EACH movement!!

The suffering part comes/came this morning with my typical am stretch….OUCH!!! The shoulders are sore from the G2OH.
Then the step out of the bed…the ankles are sore from the jumps. I can’t tell you what is sore from the HR push-ups. 😉

I can’t WAIT to see what awaits me on the white board tomorrow!!!

IMG_4305.JPGPretty much!! 😉 (hope your ears/eyes weren’t TOO sensitive to that!)

How was your day??

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