Busting some SERIOUS A**

Today was a LOOOOONG day and I always like to end a day like this with a good WOD or run!! Boy did I get what I ASKED for…..

IMG_4347.PNGThrusters!!! Oh, how I HATE thee…and then…there’s 80 of them!! SERIOUSLY ???

I was working HARD on this WOD! I was focused and determined to get through those despicable thrusters! First round…made it! Second round…all good until I’m into the thrusters. I hear….RIP!! “What was that???” “Oh damn…:I’ve done it!! I’ve RIPPED MY PANTS! My FAVORITE Nike black shorts (that the probably don’t make anymore!!).

IMG_4351.JPGThe hole is so big my whole hand went through. This puts a WHOLE new meaning to “busting ASS” in your workout!! ūüėČ

Now I am on the search for another pair of shorts just like them! Wish me luck!!

Oh…I received the best message today! My FAV blog Blonde Ponytail. The Skinny Girl line has some scrumptious snacks and the contest winner get some to try! Guess what!? I WON!!!

IMG_4348-0.PNGI’ll keep you posted!

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