Get OFF this ride…..

I gotta stop doing this to myself!! I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in. I usually weigh on Saturday morning…and….WTF?? It shows I GAINED weight!! I know…I know…muscle weighs more than fat! I got it…but tell my BRAIN that! What a confidence DESTROYER!!! So then I’m ruined for the rest of the day!! My attitude SUCKS, my outlook in this weigh loss journey SUCKS…my whole day in ruined!!

I did something productive with this pity that I had…so I went for a run! I felt SO defeated…even my run sucked! I was slow…my pace was ALL over the map.


The Nike+ app kept crashing and I couldn’t get my music right….it was just a HOT MESS morning!!

IMG_4385.PNGYou see the face…I felt “tired” (the emojis words not mine). Had a picked my own words, I felt like S**T!! I mentally defeated myself before I even stepped foot into the street! My pace was literally a MINUTE slower than normal! Just add that to the list…..

I HAVE to stop this! I’ve done this so often (defeating myself, that is), I’m not sure how to NOT do it!! I’m sure I have touched on this before, in other posts, but at 42….I’m just TIRED. Tired of this behavior, tired of feeling this way…tired of riding this ride

Maybe today’s the day….

Ever had a day that you felt destroyed by something?

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