3 M Recap….

I realized that I’ve covered the “Miles and the Mishaps” of the 3M, but I have to remember to cover the “Mom”
part, too! It’s not like I forget, I just tend to write so much on the workouts and stuff.

This past weekend, Julian had a Halloween party. We couldn’t agree on the costume at Party City..partly because he kept going back to the $50 costume! #ohHELLno. I wasn’t spending that kind of money on a costume for A party!! And…he isn’t going to trick or treat this year because he’ll be out of town.
We were leaving, going down a random aisle…and then…WE.FOUND.IT!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸŽ‰

Julian has an a wide variety of taste in music, especially for a 13 year old! We collectively decided on the rapper. As in Old School rapper. What’s Old School to a child in the new millennium? Biggie? Diddy? Anyone along those lines???? NOT Julian….


IMG_4592.PNGTHIS is what he’s feeling…LL Cool J!! He was over the MOON when he found this get up. And I was all too happy to photograph his Old School vibes…




IMG_4583.JPGWhat do you think?? I DIED!! It was perfect!! I thought he captured LL to the “T”. #NAILEDit. I also thought he could have passed for RunDMC, too! We adults knew he WHO he was, his friends…”yeah…Julian’s a RAPPER!”.
He was happy, so I was happy too! Halloween Party was a success!!

Aidan had a field trip at school on Friday. He and the rest of the 2nd Grade went to Cracker Country. No….it’s NOTHING like what you think. YES…we do live in Florida (I guess it’s the “South”), so let me ‘splain…
According to the dictionary. A “Cracker” is

a native or resident of Florida.

The term was named after the horse whip that the farmers in Florida used that made a loud “crack”….hence “crackers”. Both Julian and Aidan are “crackers” as they were born and raised right here in Florida. Cracker Country celebrates Florida settlers during the 1800s and what life was like. I’ve lived in this state since 1980, and I learned a TON in this field trip.

The School House

The General Store (HAD to buy some stuff!!)

The Smith House

We got a demonstration on how they made REAL butter. Man…did it taste GOOD!

The “mules” at the Sugar Cane….


The Okahumpka Train Station….




Making beeswax candles….




Oh….let’s take a CC selfie….


And here he is….cracking the WHIP!!


I found his trip to be very educational and would ABSOLUTLEY visit again!!


There it is…some Mom action for you! This is why I workout…so I can keep up with these guys! #whew. I hope to keep writing some more Mom stories with my Miles and Mishaps….

Anything fun go on towards the end of YOUR week?

The After Party….

Ok… really the after triathlon party because technically I’m STILL celebrating! Yesterday’s WOD was a good one for a post triathlon workout. Not too hard and NOT too easy either. The perfect balance…..

IMG_4540.JPGI finally got the courage to jump rope again! Remember SHINgate? I was apprehensive because there was running in the WOD and I didn’t want to revisit my HORRIBLE shin splints or be sidelined for 8+ weeks!!
Long story short…I SURVIVED! The Rx WOD had double unders (DU) but I opted for the singles (SU). Better not try and get TOO ahead of myself! πŸ˜‰

I’m still sore from the race on Saturday so I didn’t get up and run this morning. I’ve usually debated when is “too soon” to return to your normal training. I try to give myself a few days, but not too many or I’ll fall off the wagon and get lazy!!!

The “plan” (meaning I actually do it because I did not pass out from exhaustion the night before!!)

IMG_4382.JPG…is to start back my morning runs because triathlon season is coming to an end soon AND…running season (for me) kicks into over drive. I look forward to “racing” during the fall and winter because the weather here in FL is so nice. I’m not having to choose between Hot, Hot, and HOTTER weather!

I will say that I am debating on one last triathlon in November. It’s the Tri on the Ridge. I have to get my bike to the shop and I’m not 100% sure that I will either get it THERE on time (typical ME) or get it OUT on time (also ME).

I’m also courting the idea of a 10k, but I’m still not convinced that I want CAN do that distance. We shall see……

Let’s get back to it!!!

When is TOO soon to return to your normal workout routine?
Any races you are interested in doing soon?


Saturday was THE day! The Lycra and Lace Triathlon. It was located at Ft. DeSoto Park in Tierra Verde, FL. (Just outside St. Petersburg). I was excited but again nervous because my training was a little “light” this time. But I always remind myself that I am racing MYSELF and no one else!

The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect! Florida seriously needs to be the perfect mix of cool and warm ALL the time!

My friend, Sam participated in the race with me. SN: Ever want to get rid of a friend or someone you don’t like? Ask them to do a triathlon with you!! They will run the other direction and pretend they don’t even KNOW you! πŸ˜‰

We got to the transition station JUST in the nick of time!! We had to be there by 7:30 am. We cut it SUPER short getting there because we got lost! #oops
I had to still get marked….

IMG_4510.JPG…and get my stuff out and organized. Suffice to say my stuff was literally thrown on the ground, my bike was shoved in between two other bikes (sorry!) and off I went! I wasn’t even sure that I had all of my stuff out.

IMG_4500.JPGI THINK my bike and stuff is in there SOME WHERE!!
We had to hustle out of the area because the swim start was about a 1/4 of a mile walk. 😁

The course:

Looks pretty easy, right???

The Swim:
440 yards (aka 0.25 miles) started the race off. The water temperature was perfect! It was an open water swim in the bay…not too choppy either! The swim felt good. Nice easy stokes lended to a nice easy pace. No matter that I had a few feet in my face…it was all good! The swim ended fairly close to the transition area. No 1/4 mile walk there!
Sam’s wave time was 8:12 am and mine was 8:20am.

IMG_4512.JPGThat’s the BEAUTIFUL Tampa Bay behind us. I’m in the yellow cap (age 40-44) and she’s in the green (NOT age 40-44!!!). Another odd color to add to my cap collection!
Time: 6:40

Considering I had all my stuff thrown “orderly” under my bike, this transition went more smooth than I thought.
Time: 2:14

Oh…the bike! The meat of the sandwhich that is a triathlon. My worst leg by far. But…I guess one could get better if one would practice/train just a little more! Off I went…
Leaving the transition went smoothly, I got on my bike and ready to peddle. Something didn’t feel right as I’m peddling. I’m thinking it the asphalt which was kind of off, but I knew smooth road was ahead. I still kept peddling wondering WHY this felt so difficult. I mean I’m no spring chicken and I sure as hell ain’t light as a feather. The views were AMAZING during the ride….
Oh…Look!! The Skyway Bridge…how pretty!! Focus Angie…FOCUS!!

It still feels kinda funny on the bike during the ride. I get to about the 2nd mile marker, as literally EVERYONE in the race has passed me (at least it felt like it), I look back…and there’s my answer….A FLAT TIRE!!
I still have 8 more mile to ride…on a FLAT TIRE!! Ever done THAT before? Let me just tell you…it is very interesting. One wheel is pulling your a** for 10 miles. I was like one of the LAST ladies off the bike and into the transition. I did ALOT of praying during that ride…..

IMG_4515.JPGTHIS is what I found AFTER the race. I didn’t know/see this when I pumped my tires the night before! #loser
Lesson learned about inspecting the ENTIRE bike more than 24 hours prior to race….

Considering my legs where super bricks from riding 10 miles on one wheel…again this transition went well.
Bike shoes and helmet OFF (and thrown)…running shoes, race belt, and running hat ON!
Time: 1:12

The run felt GOOD! I was so happy to have another chance to redeem myself in another leg I was comfortable with. I will say…I make a deal with myself to pass at least ONE person on each leg. I’ll be honest….It felt good to pass a lot of the woman that passed me on the bike. “On your LEFT” INDEED! (that’s what is said when someone is passing you on the bike) πŸ˜‰
Ol’ brick legs was BACK!! Wasn’t the best run, but it WAS after that horrible bike!
Time: 32:46

Almost there……
Thumbs UP because I’m DONE, ladies!!!
Total Time: 1:39:45

I was pleased with the outcome of the race. I shaved 6 minutes from my last race in Clermont. I have learned a lot about myself and what I need to improve on. I have to have more focused training and obviously become more efficient on my biking. Each race I learn something new and this will help me become a better triathlete (or so I hope!).
This was the first time I have done that was an all women’s race. I was a little apprehensive and intimidated, honestly. And I don’t really have a justifiable reason….
Once there, I found it INCREDIBLY inspiring to be around all types of women competing…the elite, the weekend athlete (folks like me) , the newbies, you name it. Everyone there had the same goal…for fitness and to be the BEST we can be! Everyone there had encouraging words to get you through the race! Everyone showed how AMAZING woman can be when we are together. Thanks!!!

IMG_4531.JPGSam and I at the end! Feeling PROUD and GREAT that we did it (AGAIN) and we survived!! Ready Sam? Because I am ready to tackle another one!!
Now…on to the SWAG bag and the cool cycling jersey we got!!




How was your weekend?
Any races?? Do tell….

It’s a COMING…….!

I woke up this morning realizing that I only have 2 days until my triathlon. I’m not nervous…..I’m not scared…..I’m just afraid I’m not ready. I’ve really struggled this past two weeks trying to get training in but the life ALWAYS seems to get in the way. Unlike most people participating in triathlons…my biggest fear is the bike!

IMG_4484.JPGA little TRI humor for you! I thought this was HILARIOUS!!!

Swimming??? No problem !!! Biking?Still isn’t my strong point…but maybe I’ll get better if I got on my bike..I don’t know…CONSISTENTLY!! πŸ˜‰πŸš΄

But I know that with each race, I get better and fall MORE in love with this sport! My goal is to just get better with each race and to still have fun trying! Still, I am teetering with the idea of a few things……

1. Getting a coach
Maybe this “self” coaching and training will keep me where I am, but if I want to get better, maybe I need to invest in someone else’s expertise!

2. Join a Tri club
I am (literally) in between two towns right now…the one I SLEEP in (Valrico,FL) and the one I LIVE in (pretty much ALL of Polk County, FL where I work, my boys go to school and all of our friends are!). The question always comes up in my mind “Where am I gonna do it?”. How do you select where to train if you have a situation like mine? If it were just ME, I’d go where I LIVE. But is that the best for my family or just me? This is why I’ve been self training for so long…..

I only made it to CF once this week!

IMG_4481.PNGI’m ok with that because I need the rest before his race. After it’s done, time to focus MORE on my running. (There’s a 10k I’m courting right now πŸ˜‰).

Keep you posted!

Have you ever thought about getting some “professional” help?

I came…I saw…

I CONQUERED!!! I was able to utilIze my time wisely and get a run in while Julian was at practice. I’ve been eye balling this lake to run around in town. No one seemed to know the distance around Lake Howard (in Winter Haven, FL). So…I drove around it the day before to get idea. It was FARTHER than I expected, but I still wanted to run it.

IMG_4465.JPGYep…that’s right…4.23 miles. Well…I consider that “conquered” because this is the LONGEST run I’ve had since “SHINgate”!! Remember…my God AWFUL shin splints that sidelined me from running for about 3 months? That was horrible!

I felt decent about the run- not bad but not great either. And I know why….every time I run, I feel like I’m still catching up to the OLD me! The one that ran 5 miles EVERYDAY Saturday! The one that was working towards a 10k…that old me!
I had to stop 4 times during this run, which bothers me, but I have to remember I haven’t run this far in a while. (Really it’s 3 times, because one of those times, I was avoiding getting run over! πŸ˜‰).

IMG_4441.JPGSorry if you are offended by the language…but this mantra serves me well!! I just have to pull it together…and GET MOVING!

Time to get it together and CONQUER Monday……

How was your weekend?

PS…my triathlon is in T-minus 6 days! Eeeekkk!! 😁

It’s an all Women race! I’ve never participated in a race like this. I’m excited and scared all rolled up into one….

PSS….last week I was able to celebrate….

IMG_4424.JPGPA Week! This week celebrates the wonderful people that have chosen the Physician Assistant role in health care. I am blessed to have a career that I LOVE.

Howdy PAHT-ner…..

Yesterday was leg day at the gym! And let me just say …..oh my!! John Wayne and I are going to be twins today!!! You know that walk that he does…the slow cowboy walk? That’s us me! πŸ˜‰

IMG_4449.JPGAnother one of those deceiving whiteboard CrossFit WODs!! You know ….the ones that look really easy (or at least not that bad) but as you start to work you realize that you wish you never started it!! Yeah….that one!!!! πŸ˜‰

IMG_4450.JPGMy box posted this on Facebook before posting the workout. I never look at the work out because I don’t like being mentally psyched out! And I didn’t even see this picture until after the workout!! I’m kind of glad I didn’t see this before. If you read this blog before you know that I have a HUGE DIStaste for leg workouts! Funny fact- my legs are the part of my body that I HATE the most!! One would think that I would want to DO legs because I hate my legs but that’s just not the case! πŸ˜‰ It’s nothing but pure and utter #LAZINESS on my part.

I’m glad that I will be saying “goodbye” to this week! It’s been a rough one…mentally and emotionally (see my last post…you’ll get it). Looking forward to a nice run on Saturday while Julian is at basketball practice.

What’s your weekend look like???

I FINALLY listened…

For the past two days I have literally been exhausted!!! Working full time (not new), getting my kids to where they need to be (DEFINITELY not new), and trying to manage to squeak in a good workout has left me with very little energy lately. But it’s what I’m supposed to do….. I can normally muster through a good work out or run but I couldn’t even THINK about either of these last few days. So I finally listened….I listened to my body and last night I went to bed super EARLY ( i.e. 9 o’clock)! I still feel tired but not exhausted (and there is a difference trust me!!). I woke up this morning feeling somewhat refreshed and it was nice for once!! #switchitUPsister

How do I take attack today? Take my butt to CrossFit and go for a run later. I feel RECHARGED and ready to take on today…whatever it may bring! I have to learn to listen to my body when my body tells me that it needs a break. I have to learn that my body will not give me what I want if I don’t give it what it needs ….mainly rest! I have to learn that missing a few workouts, here or there, isn’t earth shattering, won’t deter me from my goals, or makes fat (because my psycho brain DOES actually think that sometimes!!).

“The human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts.”
~Hermann M. Biggs

Do you REALLY listen to your body?

I was away…..

….But just for a minute! I feel like I’ve been away FOREVER!! I guess a few days in BLOGland is like forever. My weekend was jammed packed and I looked up…MONDAY!!

Julian had his first basketball practice at his school on Saturday. He’s in 7th grade and that means….VARSITY! (Btw…his school is K-8, so 7th and 8th graders are on the Varsity team πŸ˜‰).
While he was in practice, I took advantage of the time and went for a run….

IMG_4418.JPG. The weather was perfect for a morning run around Lake Silver in Winter Haven, FL.

IMG_4433.JPG. I couldn’t squeak out a little more to make 3 miles. My energy was zapped…. #ohwell
Aidan was able to spend the afternoon with my mom, so that was nice so could clean my house watch the Gators STOMP on Tennessee!! Go Gators!!

Sunday brought even more beautiful Fall weather. It was 60 degrees here at home. I love this time of year…it’s conducive to excellent running!!


I’m looking at an exhausting week…and it ain’t for me!! ⚠️MISHAPS ALERT ⚠️

Tuesday: First Communion classes for Aidan; camp meeting for Julian

Wednesday: CUB SCOUTS.

IMG_4396.JPGYep…Aidan has a meeting for the first three Wednesday’s of the month. Guess who gets to go….?πŸ˜‰

Thursday: Julian and Miguel leave for Georgia for Opening Day for Youth a Deer Hunting Season. Father and son trips are the best….can’t wait till Father and SONS trip!!!πŸ˜‰

I’m finding it difficult to to balance it all, particularly keeping up with this blog. But, I’m gonna make it work….I’m Mom, Miles,and Mishaps! I am the personification of that title!! And because I am….I can make it work!!

How was your day?
What does the upcoming week look like for you?

PS….just an FYI…

IMG_4424.JPGIt’s PA Day/Week! Our profession started out with a day (October 6th) and has graduated to a week! Show some love for your PA today! I’m PROUD and BLESSED to be a PA…to have a career that I love and can grow with! ❀️

Just one of them days….

I sat here at typed my entire post…and it just WENT AWAY!!!

Yep…it’s been one of those days! I’m OUT!

Hopefully I can get up in the morning to run because I’m EXHAUSTED!!

IMG_4401.JPGA little run humor for you! Apparently I have to get up REALLY early to run all THIS crazy off…


I’m not sure I’m going to make it for my morning run tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just sleep in until 4:30 am.

Night NIGHT!!!