It’s a COMING…….!

I woke up this morning realizing that I only have 2 days until my triathlon. I’m not nervous…..I’m not scared…..I’m just afraid I’m not ready. I’ve really struggled this past two weeks trying to get training in but the life ALWAYS seems to get in the way. Unlike most people participating in triathlons…my biggest fear is the bike!

IMG_4484.JPGA little TRI humor for you! I thought this was HILARIOUS!!!

Swimming??? No problem !!! Biking?Still isn’t my strong point…but maybe I’ll get better if I got on my bike..I don’t know…CONSISTENTLY!! 😉🚴

But I know that with each race, I get better and fall MORE in love with this sport! My goal is to just get better with each race and to still have fun trying! Still, I am teetering with the idea of a few things……

1. Getting a coach
Maybe this “self” coaching and training will keep me where I am, but if I want to get better, maybe I need to invest in someone else’s expertise!

2. Join a Tri club
I am (literally) in between two towns right now…the one I SLEEP in (Valrico,FL) and the one I LIVE in (pretty much ALL of Polk County, FL where I work, my boys go to school and all of our friends are!). The question always comes up in my mind “Where am I gonna do it?”. How do you select where to train if you have a situation like mine? If it were just ME, I’d go where I LIVE. But is that the best for my family or just me? This is why I’ve been self training for so long…..

I only made it to CF once this week!

IMG_4481.PNGI’m ok with that because I need the rest before his race. After it’s done, time to focus MORE on my running. (There’s a 10k I’m courting right now 😉).

Keep you posted!

Have you ever thought about getting some “professional” help?

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