The After Party….

Ok… really the after triathlon party because technically I’m STILL celebrating! Yesterday’s WOD was a good one for a post triathlon workout. Not too hard and NOT too easy either. The perfect balance…..

IMG_4540.JPGI finally got the courage to jump rope again! Remember SHINgate? I was apprehensive because there was running in the WOD and I didn’t want to revisit my HORRIBLE shin splints or be sidelined for 8+ weeks!!
Long story short…I SURVIVED! The Rx WOD had double unders (DU) but I opted for the singles (SU). Better not try and get TOO ahead of myself! 😉

I’m still sore from the race on Saturday so I didn’t get up and run this morning. I’ve usually debated when is “too soon” to return to your normal training. I try to give myself a few days, but not too many or I’ll fall off the wagon and get lazy!!!

The “plan” (meaning I actually do it because I did not pass out from exhaustion the night before!!)

IMG_4382.JPG…is to start back my morning runs because triathlon season is coming to an end soon AND…running season (for me) kicks into over drive. I look forward to “racing” during the fall and winter because the weather here in FL is so nice. I’m not having to choose between Hot, Hot, and HOTTER weather!

I will say that I am debating on one last triathlon in November. It’s the Tri on the Ridge. I have to get my bike to the shop and I’m not 100% sure that I will either get it THERE on time (typical ME) or get it OUT on time (also ME).

I’m also courting the idea of a 10k, but I’m still not convinced that I want CAN do that distance. We shall see……

Let’s get back to it!!!

When is TOO soon to return to your normal workout routine?
Any races you are interested in doing soon?

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