Glad THAT’S done….

Well another Halloween is said and DONE! In a blink of an eye, we will be celebrating Turkey Day!!
Julian didn’t dress up or go Trick or Treating this year. It’s hunting season (deer, that is) and every chance he gets to go with hubby…he’s GONE!! He wasn’t upset in the least about missing the candy fiesta. Aidan, on the other hand….BRING IT!

At school, Aidan was only allowed to be a story book character, so we picked Robin Hood. (HE picked a “Ninja” but I pulled rank and said “NO”! 😉)

IMG_4615-3.JPGBut I guess everyone in this day and age, when they see this costume, they think of a DC Comic character “Green Arrow”…

IMG_4651.JPGI can see the resemblance, but I never HEARD of the dude before Halloween! And in my defense…the costume IS Robin Hood no matter where you purchase it!

We opted out of the traditional trick or treat and went with some friends to the “Halloween SPOOKtacular” at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland,FL. The proceeds went to charity, specifically Kids Pack.

IMG_4635.JPGThis program helps feed hungry children. Many children today go to school HUNGRY!! The organization fills a traditional back pack and is provided to the children. This way, no child has to feel embarrassed by food given to them.

We paid $2 per person and off we went. There was candy stations, bouncy houses, face painting and characters to pose with. And most importantly…there was BEER!

IMG_4652.JPG Our Trick AND Treat!!





There was some EXCELLENT people watching…

LOOK…I found WALDO!!!


Whoa…not really sure what to say…


After Halloween fun, we were hungry! We took the boys to Hooters. All of the ladies where dressed up and Aidan was one HAPPY 7 year old!




Funny fact…I was posting some pictures and when I had an option for the locations, I selected “Hooters”..or so I thought…

IMG_4646.JPGOne of my posts, I ACCIDENTALLY selected “Hookers” instead of “Hooters”!! Talk about embarrassing…..😁

But, he still loves ME the best!!


How was your Halloween?

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