…I WANT you to be my friend!!

It just hit me…as I was on my way to work…I have figured out the QUICKEST way to get rid of friends! No…no…NO! Don’t get me wrong…I don’t WANT to get rid of my friends!!! But, apparently I can do it without even trying! #theyHATEme

See…I love working out- CrossFit, triathlons, and running! I’m ALWAYS trying to get a friend, MANY friends to do these things with me.

Typical conversation:

Me: “Hey, there’s a race I want to do! Are you interested?”

You: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s a (insert ANY race)”

You: crickets….crickets….crickets…

Me: “Hello?? Hel-LOOOOO??”

Why IS it this? I have a ton of friends that workout (and a ton that don’t) and they all different types of activities. I don’t think that my ideas are THAT bad to join in…..
I just want to have a partner in crime exercise.

I have a few friends that I look up to and want to be running beasts like them! (Terri and Wendy….I’m looking at YOU!!). I have few friends I’ve done races with. (Sam and Megan….looking your way too!). And I’m always trying to recruit some other wannabe/weekend athletes like myself!

So, if you were wondering….you don’t have to UNFRIEND on Facebook, UNFOLLOW on Instagram or Twitter, or UNPIN from your board on Pinterest….just ask them to race! All of a sudden…POOF…your friend just slips away!😢

By the way…you all know this post is in PURE jest, right??😉. I sincerely love ALL of my friends….whether they want to run/race/Tri/CF with me or not! But…it SURE would be nice if they did…HINT HINT….!

How do you get your friends to race with you???

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