Saturday Recap…..

Saturday was a FULL day!! Julian and Aidan are both playing in Upward Basketball. If you are unfamiliar, it is a program that develops players both physically and spiritually.

IMG_4793.JPG This is Julian’s 5th year and Aidan’s 2nd. They are EXCITED!!
They both had practice on Saturday which was the beginning of the busy day. One at 9 and the other at 12!!! #really

When we were done being athletes (and a parent of athletes), we went to Novemberfest. Our church, Nativity Catholic Church, has its annual fundraiser for the school and other Diocesan charities. The kiddos always look forward to this…

IMG_4794.JPGAidan’s face really captures how much fun they had!

NO THANKS, on THIS ride!!😝



Aidan saw this ride and wanted to go on it but I tried to convince him it wasn’t for him…

IMG_4796.JPG…you see figured out early on,this ride was NOT for him!!!

Smaller version of that other ride o wouldn’t be caught DEAD in for Aidan…



And what is a FAIR, without fair FOOD?


This stuff right here sent me to the MOON…

IMG_4760.JPGNo..not the corn dogs. That’s old news…it the lovely thing next to it…CHICKEN ON A STICK!! OMG!! Chicken breast FRIED on a stick…what else does this world have to offer??? I didn’t splurge in the food department…but I sure WANTED TO!! 😉

It was a great, BUSY weekend! I did manage to squeeze in a run on Sunday. Let’s be honest…I HAD to after the chicken on a stick “incident”!! And…I’m still convinced that this 10k is going to happen…in like 3 WEEKS! #crazyGIRL

How was your weekend??

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