Giving THANKS every day…

I am hoping that all of you are having a blessed Thanksgiving with your families. I am enjoying the day and reminding myself that I/we should be thankful like this EVERYDAY! Just a few things I am thankful for….

1.My Family

Without them…I would be lost. I have a wonderful husband of 15 years, Miguel….

And two very LIVELY boys, Julian and Aidan

Then there are my WONDERFUL parents….Suzanne

IMG_4819.JPG and Ray

IMG_4814.JPG(both with SOME of their grands!!)

My AMAZING sister, Monica (ie the Mom of FOUR; her new hashtag #ihaveFOURkids)

IMG_4816.JPG and my BIL, Peter (who’s AMAZING too!!)


Lastly, my 3 nephews, Ray, Marc, and Gavin and our “Rose amongst the Thorns”, Jolie..


IMG_4818.JPGI TRULY cherish each one of them and count my blessings they are in my life!

2. My love for Running

I “fell” into this sport! I’m not great but I’m happy to be willing participant in such a welcoming community. I may not feel like a “real runner” but that’s only self imposed. I’ve had nothing but the best support amongst all runners and I’m blessed to call some of them friends!
This sport was a spring board for my other love…Triathlons! Another welcoming community I am happy to be a part of!!

3. My Career
I am a Physician Assistant (PA) in Family Practice for the last 13 years. I take care of people for a living and get the reward of knowing I helped someone get better! Never heard of it?? Not really sure what that is? I am a Mid Level provider that practices medicine under the supervision of a Physician. Want some more info on PAs?? Check it out HERE

Those are just a FEW things that I am thankful for. I am forever changed that some readers and followers have been with me in this journey….journey of LIFE and journey of BLOGGING. I will FOREVER be thankful that you take the time to care, read and follow “Mom, Miles, and Mishaps“. Thanks for making my blog dreams a reality!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

Shout out and let me know some of the things that you are THANKFUL for!

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